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Zanu-PF lauds church support

by Staff reporter
15 May 2023 at 18:57hrs | Views
Zanu-PF National Political Commissar Mike Bimha says the ruling party acknowledges the support it gets from the church and it will continue to work with them for the development of the country.

Bimha said this while addressing the Mugodhi Apostolic Faith Church congregants at Mudanda Business Centre in Buhera Central Constituency during a district passover ceremony yesterday.

"As I stand in front of you today, I am representing President Mnangagwa, showing his appreciation for the Mugodhi Apostolic Church," he said.

"The President is appreciative of the church's relationship with Zanu-PF.

"I thank you for the critical role you play in working together with the ruling party and I was happy to hear the revolutionary party's candidate for Buhera Central, Sam Matema, and other party members, when they acknowledged the manner in which you interact.

"I urge you to continue rallying behind Zanu-PF and we will continue working with you considering that we have the same cause."

Bimha said some churches had party members that were not free to express their political affiliation, for unknown reasons.

But he was happy that members of the Mugodhi Apostolic Church are not scared to declare their support for Zanu-PF and President Mnangagwa.

"What makes Zimbabwe unique from other nations is that our country has a historical background that needs to be acknowledged; that it is ruled by its own people and prayed for by its own people," said Bimha.

"I want to acknowledge the role you played during the Covid-19 pandemic era. Were it not for your prayers as the church, we would have witnessed massive deaths in the country, but that was not the case as a result of your prayers.

"As we all know our country is under sanctions, and leaders in most countries under sanctions tend to run out of ideas.

"But with your prayers as the church, solutions to navigate these sanctions are being found and implemented by our leaders, and I want to thank you for your continuous prayers."

Bimha said when Tropical Storm Freddy hit other countries, there were fears that Zimbabwe would equally be affected.

That did not happen due to the prayers from the church, said Bimha.

"These are the things which the President and Government acknowledge, which protect our country from all kinds of trouble," he said.

Bimha then asked with the Mugodhi Apostolic Church members to intercede for the country so that it holds peaceful elections in August this year.

"We will win the elections, but our ambition is to win them in a peaceful environment," he said.

Turning to drug and substance abuse by youths, Bimha called upon the church to intensify prayers for the eradication of the vice.

Bishop Washington Mugodhi urged his followers to rally behind Zanu  PF's Presidential candidate, President Mnangagwa, National Assembly and council candidates during the August harmonised elections.

"We are happy to have been graced by the party's National Political Commissar; we feel humbled," he said.

"Our duty as a church is to pray. When we pray, I guarantee you that even the much-needed votes, you will have them after.

"Indigenous churches have for long been looked down upon, but despite all that, we have never waived from supporting the ruling party.

"I want to promise you that as a church, we will always support Zanu-PF. All these people you see here are registered voters and are guaranteed party supporters who will vote for Zanu-PF."

Bishop Mugodhi said their church's doctrine stipulates that no one opposes the government of the day, which is Zanu-PF.

"Lastly, I want to say that if you insult a leader, you curse yourself, hence I want to assure you that all these congregants will support the party during the forthcoming elections," said Bishop Mugodhi.

Zanu-PF is targeting to win the August elections resoundingly and President Mnangagwa has been calling on everyone to ensure there is peace before, during and after the elections.

Source - The Herald