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Jonathan Moyo explains his desicion to dump Nelson Chamisa

by Mandla Ndlovu
12 Jun 2023 at 16:46hrs | Views
Ex-ZANU PF Politburo member Professor Jonathan Moyo has publicly explained his decision to withdraw his support for opposition leader Nelson Chamisa in the upcoming 2023 elections in Zimbabwe. In a candid statement shared on Twitter, Professor Moyo elaborated on the reasons behind his change of heart, shedding light on the transformation he perceives in Chamisa and the repercussions of his own previous criticisms.

Expressing his disillusionment with the prevailing political climate, Professor Moyo took aim at the tendency to embrace or reject ideas solely based on the political affiliation of those presenting them. He criticized the prevalent culture of arguments being driven by political association rather than their inherent merits. This sentiment formed the backdrop for his assessment of Chamisa's evolution since their earlier collaboration.

Referring to the Chamisa of 2018, who emphasized the need for a broad-based movement uniting various political parties, Professor Moyo pointed out the stark contrasts he observes in the current iteration of the opposition leader. Chamisa, according to the former ZANU PF member, has disavowed his previous affiliations, including the 2018 MDC-A, and distanced himself from the parliamentary and local authority candidates who were elected under that banner.

Professor Moyo questioned the notion that only Chamisa is entitled to change, emphasizing that dissenting opinions should not be silenced simply because they deviate from the leader's new direction. He cautioned against blind allegiance to charismatic figures and drew an analogy to the infamous Jim Jones scenario, highlighting the dangers of unwavering support in the face of changing ideologies.

Drawing attention to what he perceives as a lack of transparency, Professor Moyo characterized Chamisa's current political entity as an opaque secret society called CCC, which he claims lacks a clear ideology, constitution, policies, structures, or representatives apart from the visible quartet of Chamisa, Mahere, Ostallos, and Chibaya. These observations formed the basis of his contention that the Chamisa of 2023 is fundamentally different from the leader he once supported.

While the transformation in Chamisa's stance was a significant factor in Professor Moyo's decision, he highlighted another pivotal aspect that influenced his reconsideration. Referring to an open letter of apology to ZANU PF members, co-written with Cde Patrick Zhuwao in November 2022, Professor Moyo pointed to the ideological and praxis shift outlined in the letter. He acknowledged that his criticism of ZANU PF between November 2017 and mid-2021 had unintended collateral damage, adversely affecting not only party members who were innocent of any wrongdoing but also the nationalist project historically associated with ZANU PF.

Professor Moyo admitted that his previous criticism lacked the necessary nuance, leading to unintended consequences for individuals who had shown him support during a perilous period in November 2017. Furthermore, he acknowledged that his indiscriminate approach to criticizing ZANU PF had inadvertently harmed the broader nationalist project, which he described as being intertwined with his own ideological and existential commitment.

Professor Jonathan Moyo's decision to withdraw his support for Nelson Chamisa in the upcoming 2023 elections in Zimbabwe stems from his assessment of Chamisa's changing stance and his reflection on the unintended consequences of his own criticisms. As Zimbabwe prepares for a crucial electoral period, the withdrawal of such a prominent figure from Chamisa's camp has undoubtedly added a new dimension to the unfolding political landscape.

Source - Byo24News