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Edd Branson Group Drives African Trade Financing with Swiss Asset Firm Acquisition

by Mandla Ndlovu
07 Jul 2023 at 14:27hrs | Views
Afri-USA Business Initiative, led by Dr. Edd Branson, has made a noteworthy move in the world of trade financing in Africa. The influential president of the organization recently completed the acquisition of a well-established asset management firm based in Zurich, Switzerland.

Originally founded in 2015, the investment firm had changed hands and was purchased by private investors in 2020. It earned authorization from the VQF, a Swiss Self-Regulated Organization recognized by the Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA), to manage client funds in 2017. What sets this firm apart is its cutting-edge automated processes, which facilitate seamless onboarding without the need for human intervention. The company has digitalized almost all aspects of its operations, streamlining efficiency and enhancing convenience.

The firm's founders developed an algorithm that employs question-and-answer surveys to calculate risk and construct portfolios. This AI-driven investment management approach holds tremendous potential for revolutionizing trade financing in Africa, which perfectly aligns with Dr. Edd Branson's forward-thinking vision.

The successful negotiation and completion of this deal were facilitated by Altenburg and Partners, a reputable Swiss law firm specializing in financial transactions. Insider sources reveal that the valuation of the asset management firm stood at $5 million USD, while the final sale price amounted to $6 million USD, inclusive of transfer and additional fees.

Dr. Edd Branson wasted no time in redirecting the acquired asset management firm towards the establishment of a dedicated fund for underwriting trade and providing financial support for trade activities in Africa. This strategic decision reflects his unwavering commitment to unlocking Africa's immense development potential and creating financial structures that promote lucrative trade across the continent.

Under the guidance and vision of Dr. Edd Branson, the acquired asset management firm will prioritize financing Africa's ambitious development initiatives. Simultaneously, it will actively work towards establishing robust financial frameworks that facilitate and stimulate profitable trade across the region.

This acquisition marks a significant milestone for the Afri-USA Business Initiative, reaffirming its dedication to driving economic growth in Africa by bolstering trade financing opportunities. Dr. Edd Branson's strategic leadership, combined with the expertise of the acquired asset management firm, opens up promising avenues for progress and prosperity throughout the continent.

Source - Byo24News