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'Mnangagwa determined to improve people's lives,' claims Chiwenga

by Staff reporter
13 Jul 2023 at 01:59hrs | Views
ZANU-PF's knowledge  of people's troubles at the hands of colonialists is not a folktale but painfully lived experiences that led the party to fight for independence and now forms the basis on which President Mnangagwa is determined to improve people's lives, Vice President Dr Constantino Chiwenga has said.

VP Chiwenga said this yesterday when he addressed thousands of party supporters at St Therese High School in Makoni West Constituency. The rally was part of the revolutionary party's national campaign programme ahead of harmonised elections slated for August 23.

Makoni District, said the VP, knows this history and bears testimony to the great development work towards an empowered upper-middle income economy by 2030, which is being championed by President Mnangagwa and it is incumbent upon them to resoundingly vote for the ruling party.

The VP said he was heartened by the show of unity and political maturity by cadres who participated in the party's primary elections whose bids were unsuccessful but they are on the ground campaigning for the party, a gesture which shows their appreciation of the collective's supremacy over individuals.

"We say these things with heart because Zanu-PF is the only party that brought independence," said VP Chiwenga, "Zanu-PF is the party that saw our people's suffering, not through folktale but through lived experiences and decided to take corrective action.

"This is what should always guide us as a people and always be mindful that Zimbabwe cannot be a colony again. This district, like the rest of the country, lost many of its sons and daughters to the war.

"This place and Manicaland as a whole gave the struggle stalwarts like the late Ndabaningi  Sithole, Herbert Chitepo and I can confidently say that there is no family here which has no son or daughter who fought for independence.

"Against this backdrop, our visionary leader, His Excellency Emmerson Mnangagwa is leading the country towards the full realisation of the benefits for which we won our independence.

"Under the Second Republic, our visionary leader His Excellency Dr Emmerson Mnangagwa, has fostered rapid infrastructure development over the short space of time he has presided over the country.

"Through his visionary leadership, Zimbabwe is now food self-sufficient, we can now manage to feed ourselves working on our land. Mines, some of which had been closed are now operating.

"We are building the biggest steel producer in the whole of Africa (Manhize Steel Plant), I was talking to them before I came here today and they were telling me that we are almost done and beginning next year they will be producing steel billets then move to steel bars and I said this is good work," he said.

He also spoke of the massive road rehabilitation programme whose biggest beneficiary is the now almost complete Beitbridge-Masvingo-Harare highway. Several other major highways and feeder roads have also been refurbished including in urban areas which ordinarily should be done by local authorities.

However, the opposition-run local authorities have failed to deliver rendering most urban roads impassable leading to Government's intervention to serve the situation.

In the health sector, VP Chiwenga said President Mnangagwa was championing universal health coverage which has seen several clinics being opened across the country, existing ones being extended as well as being equipped with medicines and medical consumables.

Miss Lydia Mudyiwa, who attended the rally said Zanu-PF is, "a party entrenched in our history. I was born in Zanu-PF, became a war collaborator, and helped deliver independence working in Zanu-PF, today we are on the land as resettled farmers.

"On the land, we are getting Government support through programmes such as Pfumvudza. So, how can I consider any fly-by-night mushrooming parties? Even all my kids I have taught them that Zanu-PF is the party of yesterday, today, and tomorrow and we will all continue to vote for Zanu-PF," said Miss Mudyiwa.

Her sentiments were echoed by Ms Joyce Bukuta who said Zanu-PF is a party that lives by its word.

"Zanu-PF brought us the independence that we treasure and enjoy today. It's the party that gave us the land reform, it's a party that does what it promised. Our roads are being rehabilitated, dams are being constructed, on farms we are getting support, so how can we not love such a party," said Ms Bukuta.

Miss Jacqueline Nyagomo said Zanu-PF is a party that prioritises people's needs thus it continues to stay relevant in people's lives, "Zanu-PF is a party that prioritises people's wishes and aspirations and is a party that fulfils its promises," she said.

Meanwhile, the party's national chairman Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri said Zimbabweans should rally behind Zanu-PF in next month's harmonised elections for accelerated development and in defence of the country's independence and freedom.

Addressing a highly subscribed rally at Aquatic Complex, Chitungwiza yesterday, Muchinguri-Kashiri said the Second Republic has initiated several development programmes that have uplifted many from poverty into prosperity.

She also challenged youths to preserve and defend the country's sovereignty by voting for Zanu-PF in the forthcoming elections.

"We are the ones who brought liberation to this country while the British did not want to give us our land, we took the land after defeating them and we became independent. So, we must vote for Zanu-PF to defend our independence, and our freedom, and make sure we defeat the pretenders, CCC.

"We went to war at a tender age to defend the country from the colonial bondage, the youth should also do the same," said Muchinguri-Kashiri.

In addition, she said it was high time party members set aside their differences for the ultimate goal.

"The election date has been set comrades and it is now time to work with great vigour. We have to work more than we have ever done. For our work to be successful we have to be united. Let's set aside any differences that we have and let's let go of grudges that we might be holding against one another.

"We have to make sure that we secure all five constituencies in Zone 1 and we also have to secure all 25 council seats. We have seats that have been under the opposition and we have to correct that now, you have to ensure that President Mnangagwa and the MP candidate win resoundingly in your wards," said Muchinguri-Kashiri.

She said the Zanu-PF Government has already rolled out various development programmes in various communities, which candidates could use as a reference point for their campaigns.

Muchinguri-Kashiri said the Government is working flat out to issue title deeds and regularise some settlements in Chitungwiza.

"The process has already started, the mapping of the area is underway. I promise that very soon title deeds will have been issued to the residents. Those who are residing in informal settlements will be regularised. Those who were allocated land on undesignated areas by land barons will be relocated to designated areas" she said

The construction of Muda Dam which will supply water to Chitungwiza, she said is at an advanced stage and Government will also drill more boreholes under the Presidential Borehole Drilling scheme to ease water challenges in Chitungwiza.

She challenged Zanu-PF supporters to vote out CCC councillors for development to take place.

Mr Tempter Paul Tungwarara who is spearheading the Presidential Borehole Drilling Scheme said he will drill an additional five boreholes in Chitungwiza and connect solar systems next week. He bemoaned vandalism on the boreholes as the major drawback in Chitungwiza.

"There is a need to put maximum security to protect the boreholes," he said.

The rally was attended by campaigning teams from five constituencies from Chitungwiza, Zone 1, Local Authority, Youth and women quota as well as provincial council candidates.

Muchinguri-Kashiri was accompanied by Secretary for Education, Research and Ideology, Politburo member Omega Hungwe, Deputy Secretary for Security Tendai Chirau, Deputy Secretary for Economic Affairs Andy Mhlanga, Central Committee members, Harare provincial chairman Goodwills Masimirembwa and Harare provincial Political Commissar Kudakwashe Damson among others.

Source - The Chronicle