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Nyanga family tormented by thigh vendor's avenging spirit killed 50 years ago by their polygamist father

by Erick Matotoba
22 Jul 2023 at 13:28hrs | Views
A Nyanga family finds themselves living in constant fear as they believe a vengeful spirit is haunting them, claiming to be a s_ex worker who met a tragic end 50 years ago at the hands of their patriarch.

The Muusha family is grappling with a distressing situation as a vengeful spirit, claiming to be Elizabeth Ncube, emerges through various possessed family members.

This spirit alleges that it was a s_ex worker from Chiredzi who met a tragic fate in Bulawayo, murdered by Moses Muusha following a payment dispute.

In light of these haunting claims, the matter has been brought before Acting Chief Saunyama's court, in hopes of finding a resolution to the unsettling events that have befallen the Muusha family.

During the court session, to the surprise of those in attendance, Moses Muusha, who had vehemently denied any connection to the vengeful spirit haunting his family for months, shocked the gallery by making a startling confession.

He admitted to his involvement in the tragic incident and acknowledged that he was indeed responsible for the death of Elizabeth Ncube back in 1968.

Adding to the revelation, Moses Muusha disclosed that following the murder, he was apprehended and subsequently convicted by the courts.

"I was a young man and did not know what I was doing back then. We were both drunk and the sex worker had denied me her services after she had collected her payment. I hit her once and she fell to her death," he said.

Despite his confession, Moses Muusha still expresses doubts about the genuineness of the vengeful spirit and has put forth accusations against his first wife.

He claims that she, along with her children, is orchestrating the possession episodes as part of an elaborate scheme to deceive and manipulate him.

Moses believes that someone within his family has unearthed his past misdeeds and is using the avenging spirit as a means to exploit him financially.

"I strongly feel that someone from my family unearthed my dirty past and exposed it. They connived and started stage-managing spiritual possessions so that they milk me of my wealth.

"If it is indeed Elizabeth's avenging spirit, then it should also possess my second wife's daughters and granddaughters and not just those from my first wife. I think my first wife is working in cahoots with her daughters and grandchildren to dupe me," said the polygamist who is no longer in good books with his first wife.

The situation with the Muusha granddaughters is deeply concerning and troubling. The violent manifestations they experience when possessed by the vengeful spirit of Elizabeth Ncube have had a severe impact on their lives.

To protect them from causing harm to themselves during these episodes, the orphaned girls, who are under their grandmother's care, have been bound by chains.

Source - Erick Matotoba