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MRP to stick to 2018 manifesto, calls for restoration of Mthwakazi

by Staff reporter
27 Jul 2023 at 21:07hrs | Views
The Mthwakazi Republic Party (MRP) has said it will stick to its 2018 manifesto, which it calls a "practical and implementable programme" that will lead to the "restoration of Mthwakazi."

The party's manifesto is titled, REST which stands for Restoration, Empowerment, Self- determination and Transformation.

MRP National Spokesperson Velile Moyo told journalists on Wednesday that the party's manifesto is still relevant in the upcoming elections, and that it represents the aspirations of the working class and the poor.

"MRP seeks to restore Mthwakazi without fail. We realised that our problem is political hence the need for a political solution. The most important aspect about the MRP manifesto is that it gives practical programmes, commitments, and actions on what is to be done by the MRP government that shall lead to the taking political power in all Mthwakazi region," he said.

The manifesto calls for democratic ownership and control of the key means of production by the people of Mthwakazi, as well as devolution of power in provinces.

It also calls for the recognition of all Mthwakazi languages and for priority to be given to local communities in terms of employment opportunities.

Moyo stated that MRP is an economic and development emancipation movement that was gaining support and it was now upon them to convert this mass support into actual votes in the upcoming elections.

"This MRP presents its commitments to the people of the State of Mthwakazi, through this election manifesto. Unlike other manifestos, the MRP election manifesto does not present promises; it offers commitments that will be implemented," he said.

"Central to our programme is a struggle for democratic ownership and control of the key means of production by the people of Mthwakazi. When we make commitments to fight for the restoration of Mthwakazi State, we as MRP will use our organisational and mobilisation capacity to deliver on all our commitments," he said.

Despite the fact that their election manifesto was created for the 2018 elections, the national spokesperson stated that it was still relevant and served as MRP's plan of action for the next five years or so.

"This Manifesto is a practical and implementable programme, which will shape and define the Mthwakazi government. The Manifesto represents the aspirations of the working class and the poor, and provides an alternative vision and is a solution for true transformation in the State of Mthwakazi."

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