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Mutsvangwa raps anti-Zimbabwe NGOs

by Staff reporter
11 Aug 2023 at 06:39hrs | Views
Zanu-PF national spokesperson Ambassador Christopher Mutsvangwa has lambasted some anti-Zimbabwe non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and opposition figures for attempting to cast aspersions on the country's electoral processes and its overall human rights record through a "choreographed" discussion recently organised by British think-tank, Chatham House, in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House) hosted a debate session on the imminent August 2023 Zimbabwe elections where the discussants took turns to accuse Zanu-PF of all kinds of political malfeasance without providing solid evidence to back their claims.

Ambassador Mutsvangwa credited the Chatham team of Alex Vines and Knox Katiyo for their courtesy to extend an invitation to Zanu-PF to be represented at the debate where pro-opposition NGOs appeared to have been lying in wait with a litany of spurious allegations against the ruling party.

"The Chatham House encounter of like minded NGOs had all the hallmarks of being the swansong to the bankruptcy of the Zimbabwe detractors and their failed quest for regime change.

"The State of Zimbabwe need not be fragged into and get enmeshed in the vagaries of periodic election episodes," said Ambassador Mutsvangwa.

He rubbished allegations that the Zimbabwean security forces were partisan and unprofessional saying nothing could be farther from the truth.

"The Zimbabwe defence and security sector is sacrosanct and indispensable to national well being, people's hopes and the bright prospects of much desired developmental prosperity," he said.

Ambassador Mutsvangwa said notwithstanding the vehement and consistent denunciation of political violence by President Mnangagwa, the discussants opportunistically rode on the murderous and criminal attack on  Tinashe Chitsunge in Glen View to accuse the ruling party willy nilly.

Police have since arrested 12 suspects in connection with the killing of Chitsunge with Home Affairs Minister Kazembe Kazembe declaring that police have "no sacred cows" when it comes to perpetrators of violence during the ongoing election period.

"The choreographed discussants took turns to snipe at their ‘unfancied Zanu-PF, blaming it for all sorts of concocted political malfeasance.

"Sadly Fadzayi Mahere (CCC spokesperson) irresponsibly led in the unfounded allegations brushing aside the robust response of ZRP in dealing with the breach of law and order by violent elements.

"A salient aspect was the more subdued mood of the usually raucous and rowdy NGO crowd. This could owe to the loss of undivided support by the US Government.

"Last February it despatched its diplomats to profess neutrality between Zanu-PF and CCC in the party political dispensation in Zimbabwe. Also Europe has its plate full with the military imbroglio in Ukraine," said Ambassador Mutsvangwa.

He said to their credit, the  Chatham House conveners made sure not entertain the spirited clamour of Saviour Kasukuwere to attend, the simple grounds being that his party did not have a Presidential candidate like the other five panellists.

"Weighing heavily on the audience was the pervasive sense of doom owing to the campaign vigour of President Mnangagwa and his well oiled and tightly organised party campaign machinery.

"The gloomy foreboding was palpable. After two decades of misdirected pursuit of regime change against Zanu-PF they have finally woken up to the reality of abject failure and inevitable stark defeat."

Source - The Herald