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Zimbabwe students abroad to get more support

by Staff reporter
22 Sep 2023 at 06:22hrs | Views
Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Ambassador Frederick Shava, emphasized the vital role that Zimbabwean students pursuing higher education abroad play in the country's economic development.

He expressed the government's unwavering commitment to supporting these students during his visit to Havana, Cuba, where he met with Zimbabwean students studying medicine and engineering. This encounter took place on the sidelines of the G77+China Summit, which brings together 134 developing countries and China to promote a fair global order that aligns with the development goals of the developing world.

Following the summit, Minister Shava met with the students to deliver an assortment of groceries and individual financial support of US$1,000, a generous contribution from President Mnangagwa. Minister Shava conveyed his delight at the students' dedication to their education and underscored the significance of their chosen fields, which are in high demand in Zimbabwe.

"We are very pleased to see you and to learn that you are pursuing education," Minister Shava remarked. "The qualifications you are pursuing - medicine and engineering - are highly needed in our homeland. We are thrilled to hear about your endeavors in these fields. You are acquiring knowledge and skills that are urgently required back home, so that we can have our own doctors and engineers. We encourage you to return to Zimbabwe after completing your studies, contributing to your nation and serving your fellow citizens."

Minister Shava emphasized the government's commitment to providing the necessary support to create a conducive learning environment for the students to attain their qualifications.

He also commended the outstanding contributions of Zimbabwean students who, during the global Covid-19 pandemic, produced equipment that garnered recognition from the World Health Organization and other nations for their comprehensive response to the crisis.

Trust Mabaya, a sixth-year medical student, expressed his readiness to serve his country upon graduation and even expressed interest in furthering his studies if the opportunity arises. "This is my final year, and upon graduating, I intend to return home and contribute to my country. If the opportunity presents itself, I would like to advance my education and return home as a specialist doctor," Mabaya stated.

Another medical student, Petronella Usayi, expressed gratitude to the government for its support during their education. She acknowledged the high-quality medical training institutions in Cuba and the desire to tap into Cuban experience and expertise to benefit Zimbabwe.

Tavona Mukachana, an engineering student, shared his aspiration to return home and contribute to the country's development. "Cuba has a strong engineering program, and we are committed to learning from their expertise so that we can also bring this knowledge back home," Mukachana affirmed.

Source - The Herald