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Zimstat boss arrested by ZACC over fraud

by Staff reporter
26 Sep 2023 at 19:32hrs | Views
Taguma Mahonde, the Director General of Zimbabwe's National Statistics Agency (Zimstat), finds himself in legal trouble as he has been apprehended by the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) on charges of severe corruption and corporate misconduct.

Thandiwe Mlobane, the spokesperson for ZACC, has officially confirmed the arrest of this controversial government official, stating, "Taguma Mahonde, the Director General of Zimbabwe National Statistics Agency, has been taken into custody by ZACC on allegations of fraud. Our investigations are ongoing."

Mahonde has recently attracted significant negative attention due to his involvement in questionable activities. One instance involves his acquisition of a Toyota Land Cruiser worth US$28,000 for a mere US$300 after serving in his position for only three years. Astonishingly, this purchase was authorized by a letter from Davison Mhaka, the Managing Director of the Central Mechanical Equipment Department (CMED).

Adding to his controversial acquisitions, Mahonde was also bestowed with a luxury Land Rover Discovery in 2021, resulting in him owning two vehicles in just five years—an action contrary to the principles of sound governance. Moreover, he benefited from lavish perks without providing any invoices, a practice that deviates from the standard protocols of good governance.

Furthermore, investigations have revealed that Mahonde received school fee allowances in US dollars, even though Zimstat employees are compensated in the local currency. This inconsistency has raised further concerns regarding his actions and adherence to ethical standards within the organization.

Source - zimlive
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