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Mqondisi Moyo survives Mthwakazi Republic Party coup

by Staff reporter
26 Sep 2023 at 20:35hrs | Views
The National Executive Committee (NEC) of the Mthwakazi Republic Party (MRP) has criticized certain members who recently declared the dissolution of the committee, characterizing them as power-hungry individuals aligned with Zanu-PF.

According to the NEC leadership, the removal of Mqondisi Moyo from his position as the party president had been planned for a considerable period. Previous attempts to unseat him had failed, and two officials who had tried to do so had ultimately returned to Zanu-PF after their efforts were unsuccessful.

These comments come in response to a press conference held by MRP members on Monday, during which they announced the removal of their president and the dissolution of the entire NEC, citing ineffective leadership and disregard for the party's structures.

The members appointed Mbonisi Gumbo as their interim spokesperson and claimed that their constitution permitted the dissolution of the NEC due to poor performance. They also mentioned plans to elect an interim leadership on October 1, 2023, before their national congress scheduled for April next year.

However, the former national spokesperson, Velile Moyo, accused Gumbo of making false and dubious claims. Moyo alleged that Gumbo had been engaging in questionable activities within the party, including falsely claiming to be an elder in MRP despite leaving the party multiple times in the past.

According to Moyo, Gumbo had even expressed ambitions to become the MRP president by the time of Zimbabwe's elections in August 2023. Moyo claimed that Gumbo had attempted to persuade the MRP leader to dismiss the entire NEC and replace them with individuals he recommended, including himself in a prominent role.

Moyo also mentioned that the party had concerns about three other members: Khethani Nxebalendoda Ndlovu, the Information and Publicity Secretary for Matabeleland South; Thembisani Mfulongashi Mpofu, the Chairperson for Matabeleland North; and Chilumbo Mudenda, the party's youth chairperson. These members were suspected of wanting to dissolve the NEC.

Moyo revealed that the NEC had scheduled a meeting for September 10, 2023, involving all their provincial representatives, including those from South Africa Charter and Botswana North and South Charter. However, the meeting could not address all the agenda items and was adjourned to September 17, 2023.

Before the September 17 meeting, Gumbo, who was in South Africa, issued a statement on September 9, 2023, threatening to remove the NEC if President Mqondisi Moyo did not comply.

Moyo further explained that Mpofu and Mudenda had issued statements that threatened other members, leading to the cancellation of the meeting for security reasons. Despite the cancellation, Mpofu insisted on holding the meeting and a subsequent press conference.

Moyo claimed that the meeting held by Mpofu and others had very low attendance, with fewer than 20 members present. He also stated that Gumbo, who had come from South Africa, led the press conference despite not holding an official position within the party.

Moyo questioned how Gumbo and the other members, totaling only 13 individuals, could dissolve the entire NEC when they did not constitute a fully representative body. He asserted that some provincial structures had distanced themselves from Gumbo's actions.

Moyo also criticized Gumbo's credibility, calling him fake and an embarrassment to the MRP. He cited instances where Gumbo had criticized the NEC's international lobbying efforts, even though MRP had been engaged in such efforts for the past two years.

Gumbo had questioned the timing of the petition submitted to SADC, but Moyo countered that SADC had requested evidence for Mthwakazi's quest for self-determination, leading to the collection of over 25,000 signatures for international submission.

Additionally, Moyo alleged that Zanu-PF was involved in the recent actions against the MRP, drawing parallels to how the ruling party had orchestrated the 2005 split in the MDC. He claimed that the individuals involved in the MRP controversy had received assurances from Zanu-PF that the courts would rule in their favor if the matter were taken to court.

Moyo urged MRP members, supporters, and stakeholders to remain calm, stating that the party was facing a test and was evolving to a higher level in its revolutionary journey.

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