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Jacob Mudenda recieves CCC constitution

by Mandla Ndlovu
04 Oct 2023 at 13:22hrs | Views
In a highly significant move, Sengezo Tshabangu, the Interim Secretary General of the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC),  delivered the party's constitution addressed to Speaker of Parliament Jacob Mudenda. This delivery, which took place within the hallowed halls of Parliament, was marked by a distinct purpose: to ensure the Speaker was well-informed about the constitutional clauses that underpinned the recall of certain Councilors and Members of Parliament (MPs) affiliated with the CCC.

The transfer of the CCC constitution was executed through an official letter, formally received by Parliament on Wednesday. Within this letter, Mr. Tshabangu emphasized the party's dedication to transparency and adherence to parliamentary processes. He explicitly stated, "Please find a copy of the interim constitution of the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) for your records." This gesture was not only an act of transparency but also aimed at equipping the Speaker with a clear understanding of the constitutional framework under which CCC recalls were initiated.

Crucially, this letter also contained a compendium of documents that played a pivotal role in the recall of several Councilors and MPs hailing from the Matabeleland region. Allegations had surfaced suggesting that these elected officials were no longer active CCC members, prompting their removal.

By presenting the CCC constitution to Parliament, the party underscored its commitment to upholding constitutional processes and respecting the mechanisms of the parliamentary system. This deliberate move affirmed the CCC's recognition of the pivotal role played by legislative institutions in the nation's democratic landscape.

This development has ignited substantial interest and debate within the political sphere. Observers and analysts are closely monitoring how the CCC's engagement with parliamentary procedures unfolds.

Source - Byo24News