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Speaker Mudenda informs Mnangagwa of recall of 15 CCC MPs

by Nkululeko Nkomo
10 Oct 2023 at 16:34hrs | Views
In a significant political development, the Speaker of the National Assembly, Advocate Jacob Mudenda, officially announced on Tuesday the recall of 15 legislators who were elected on a Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) ticket during the August 23 harmonized elections. Their recall follows their departure from the opposition party, prompting Advocate Mudenda to inform President Emmerson Mnangagwa and the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) about the vacancies in the legislative body.

Advocate Mudenda delivered the news during a session in the National Assembly, shedding light on the ongoing political shifts within Zimbabwe's political landscape. He revealed that Parliament had received notification of the recalls from the CCC's interim Secretary-General, Mr. Sengezo Tshabangu, in the preceding week. This notification served as the formal announcement of the MPs' withdrawal from the opposition party.

The decision to recall these legislators marks a significant turning point in the ongoing political dynamics within Zimbabwe. The CCC, formed in the lead-up to the August 23 harmonized elections, has experienced internal disputes and changes since its formation. The withdrawal of these 15 MPs from the CCC signifies a shift in the balance of power within the National Assembly.

Advocate Mudenda's announcement in Parliament triggered a ripple effect, as he promptly communicated the vacancies to President Mnangagwa, ensuring that the Head of State is aware of the legislative changes. This communication is essential, as it may lead to the scheduling of by-elections in the constituencies formerly represented by the recalled MPs.

Additionally, the Speaker conveyed this information to the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission, the institution responsible for organizing and overseeing elections in the country. The ZEC's involvement is crucial in the process of filling the vacant parliamentary seats, as they will be tasked with managing any by-elections that may occur.

The recall of 15 CCC MPs underscores the fluidity and complexity of Zimbabwean politics, where alliances and affiliations can shift rapidly. It remains to be seen how this development will impact the balance of power within the National Assembly and the broader political landscape of Zimbabwe.

As the nation awaits further developments, the recall of these legislators is expected to set the stage for closely watched by-elections in the affected constituencies, potentially reshaping the composition of the National Assembly and influencing the direction of Zimbabwean politics in the months to come.

Source - Byo24News
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