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Chamisa's MPs, councillors ordered to report for duty or risk more recalls

by Staff reporter
12 Oct 2023 at 15:14hrs | Views
Sengezo Tshabangu, who has assumed the role of "interim secretary general" amid controversy, has issued a communication instructing all legislators and councilors affiliated with the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) to resume their duties promptly or face the possibility of additional recalls.

Tshabangu, known for self-appointing himself as "interim secretary general," used this position to recall 15 CCC legislators and 9 senators, contradicting the party's stance led by Nelson Chamisa. Chamisa has publicly disavowed Tshabangu, labeling him as an imposter and has declared that CCC officials in parliament and councils will disengage until the recalled members are reinstated.

Chamisa's decision to disengage comes in response to the Speaker of Parliament, Jacob Mudenda, notifying the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) of the vacancies resulting from Tshabangu's recalls. Chamisa has given parliament a 14-day ultimatum to reverse the recalls.

In Tshabangu's most recent statement, the rationale behind the recent recalls was attributed to the alleged imposition of certain party candidates, particularly in Bulawayo, during internal elections.

"The nomination process for the 2023 harmonized general election was marred by misconduct as party officials disregarded the will of the people. In some instances, candidates nominated by citizens were disqualified through questionable vetoes devoid of legitimate justification, serving personal agendas," read the statement.

The self-designated interim secretary general directed all CCC elected officials to return to their responsibilities, with exceptions for those with valid reasons.

"All CCC councilors are expected to promptly resume their duties and be prepared to serve the people without fail unless they have legitimate medical or compassionate leave reasons," Tshabangu stated.

Referring to the Parliament Hansard, Tshabangu clarified that CCC Members of the National Assembly were legally suspended for six sittings, equivalent to two weeks. Once the suspension period has elapsed, all CCC Members of the National Assembly and Senators are mandated to participate in all parliamentary activities without exception, unless they have verifiable medical or compassionate leave justifications.

Tshabangu warned that CCC Members of the National Assembly or Senators who fail to adhere to these directives will face immediate recalls and reassignment from Parliament or their respective local authorities.

Furthermore, the self-proclaimed interim secretary general discredited a letter circulating on social media that purportedly expelled Adv. Nelson Chamisa from the party leadership.

"Finally, the office of the Interim Secretary General vehemently disapproves of a statement circulating on social media and mainstream media, alleging the expulsion of President Adv. Nelson Chamisa from the party. This fraudulent statement lacks truth and credibility and should therefore be disregarded and dismissed with the contempt it deserves," he declared.

Source - NewZimbabwe