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NRZ adopts strategy to reboot operations

by Staff reporter
24 Oct 2023 at 05:54hrs | Views
The National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) has announced a new inward-looking strategy aimed at enhancing its operations and efficiency. 
This initiative seeks to leverage domestic solutions to address the challenges the State-owned rail operator is facing, particularly its infrastructure and signaling system deficiencies. 
The NRZ believes that this approach is crucial to maximize its contribution to the goal of achieving an upper middle-income economy status by 2030.
The NRZ's new strategic focus aligns with the national vision, echoing the President's call for utilizing homegrown solutions as Zimbabwe progresses toward an upper middle-income economy. In an extensive interview over the weekend, Mike Madiro, the recently appointed chairman of the NRZ board, acknowledged the significant responsibility of facilitating the transportation of bulk cargo across all economic sectors.

However, Madiro emphasized that the NRZ currently faces operational challenges due to infrastructure issues and a signaling system that hampers the company's ability to fulfill its mandate. This situation has led to increased use of the road network for bulk freight transportation, which is costly and detrimental to the country's roads.

Madiro and his team at NRZ have adopted a homegrown solutions approach to address these infrastructure and signaling system deficiencies, which have severely impacted operational efficiency. They recognize the abundant human capital in Zimbabwe and plan to collaborate closely with higher education institutions to develop and implement local solutions, particularly in signaling systems.

Madiro cited the successful rehabilitation of the Harare-Beitbridge highway as an example of how internal resources can be harnessed for infrastructural development. He emphasized the need to work in conjunction with the private sector to revitalize and restore the NRZ to its former prominence.

Madiro stressed that foreign investors engaged by NRZ for locomotives, wagons, and passenger coaches are essential for modernizing the rail system to world standards. Agreements with foreign entities, including a Memorandum of Understanding with a Turkish company and a deal with an Indian company, are expected to inject new life into NRZ by supplying modern rolling stock.

In conclusion, the NRZ's inward-looking approach, in tandem with collaborations with foreign investors and the involvement of the private sector, is aimed at rehabilitating and recapitalizing the rail network and reviving it as a critical contributor to Zimbabwe's economic development.

Source - The Herald
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