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Lone gunman cause panic in Beitbridge

by Staff reporter
25 Oct 2023 at 16:07hrs | Views
A solitary gunman, who incited fear in Beitbridge when observed near the banks of the Limpopo River last Wednesday, has been revealed by the police to be a Parks and Wildlife officer handling a case of human-wildlife conflict.

According to Chief Superintendent Tichaona Nyongo, who oversees the Beitbridge Police District, "This individual was a Parks and Wildlife officer deployed to deter marauding baboons causing distress to the residents of Limpopo View."

Local residents expressed concern over the officer's attire, suspecting a connection to recent incidents of robbery involving firearms.

In a separate incident, a member of the Zimbabwe National Army had a firearm taken from him, and an officer from the President's Department reported the theft of an AK-47 from his residence.

Furthermore, residents are uneasy about people living beneath the bridges in Beitbridge.

Baboons have emerged as a significant problem in the border town, as they invade homes in search of food, posing a threat to women and children.

Large groups of these baboons are also pillaging trucks within the customs areas of both Zimbabwe and South Africa.

"The conflict between humans and baboons in Beitbridge is troubling, with these animals entering people's homes in search of food. A family once cornered one in a bathroom, and it caused extensive damage while attempting to escape. This has become a serious concern," noted a police officer, who mentioned that even the ZRP housing camp had not been exempt from these incursions.

Officials from the Parks department in Beitbridge declined to comment on the matter.

Source - newsday