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Zanu-PF says it ha no time for CCC musings

by Staff reporte
30 Oct 2023 at 01:11hrs | Views
Zanu-PF has firmly stated that it will not engage in discussions regarding the opposition party CCC's speculations about the possibility of election reruns. The ruling party has shifted its focus towards the development of the economy.

President Mnangagwa emerged victorious in the Presidential elections held on August 23, securing 52.6 percent of the vote, while CCC leader Mr. Nelson Chamisa received 44 percent.

In the National Assembly, Zanu-PF won 176 seats compared to CCC's 103, which includes 60 proportional representation women's seats and 10 special youth seats. This gives Zanu-PF a commanding 62.9 percent majority in the National Assembly.

During a media briefing following the conclusion of the 20th Zanu-PF National People's Conference in Gweru, the ruling party's national spokesperson, Christopher Mutsvangwa, emphasized that Zanu-PF has moved beyond the electoral phase and is now focused on modernizing and industrializing the country in alignment with Vision 2030.

The conference's theme was "Towards Vision 2030 through Devolution, Industrialization, and Modernization."

The policies spearheaded by the Second Republic have already shown positive results in the country's economy. Export earnings between January and August of this year increased by 6.1 percent, reaching US$4.48 billion, compared to US$4.42 billion in the same period the previous year.

Mutsvangwa explained that the conference attendees were in a celebratory mood, recognizing President Mnangagwa's leadership in securing a resounding victory in the harmonized elections. Consequently, they did not engage in discussions about the CCC's speculations regarding election reruns.

Mutsvangwa highlighted the importance of democratic processes, emphasizing that while Zanu-PF initially fought for the country's freedom, it now gains power through the ballot, not the bullet.

He emphasized Zanu-PF's commitment to being accountable to the people of Zimbabwe and earning their vote through responsible governance. Mutsvangwa underscored the credibility and fairness of the recent elections, as attested by numerous international observers.

The spokesperson also acknowledged the significance of the conference taking place shortly after the elections in which Zanu-PF secured a decisive victory and President Mnangagwa was declared the undisputed winner.

Mutsvangwa noted that the conference occurred during a time when the Southern African Development Community (SADC) was actively opposing Western-imposed sanctions on Zimbabwe, which have had negative spillover effects on the region. He mentioned the recent SADC Anti-Sanctions Day, which called for the removal of these sanctions, highlighting President Mnangagwa's efforts in international engagement and diplomacy.

He further emphasized the Second Republic's commitment to meeting the aspirations of Zimbabweans for improved living conditions and development, ensuring that no one is left behind. Zimbabwe has achieved success in exporting agricultural products, contributing to the global food market, particularly in cereals, horticulture, and citrus, with exports to China. Additionally, the country has made advancements in exporting nuts and berries to places like Hong Kong. These achievements are a result of a focus on scientific farming and initiatives like Intwasa/Pfumvudza, which enhance food security at the household level and climate-proof agriculture through irrigation.

Source - The Herald

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