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When Boundaries Blur: A son-in-law's offensive language sparks family conflict

by Alice Mangwanda
31 Oct 2023 at 19:56hrs | Views
A Domboshava man has been fined two goats for insulting his mother-in-law using offensive words.

Benjamin Jofuresi (40) of Mashonganyika village has been dragged before Chief Chinamhora's traditional court yesterday for allegedly insulting Magret Singini (mother-in-law) using unprintable words.

Jofuresi who is married to Faith Singini (37) is said to be in the habit of confronting his mother-in-law telling her to talk to his wife whenever he feels s*x starved, which is a wrong move in the Shona tradition. Marital issues between spouses are to be addressed by aunts and uncles and not the mother-in-law for such matters are a taboo to be taken direct to her by a son-in-law.

Jofuresi at one point went to his mother-in-law's house demanding her to act according to his wish or else he would do something terrible to her daughter.

"He came to my house at night and knocked requesting me to go and tell my daughter to undress because he wants to have s*x with her

I complied to his request because he threatened to stab my daughter ", said the mother-in-law.

The village head, Mr Nyamandi even confirmed the allegations stating that, at some point he heard him (Jofuresi) shouting obscenities at his mother-in-law.

Much to the surprise of everyone, Jofuresi did not refute the allegations raised against him, rather, he accepted without shame and mentioned that in every incident he wasn't under the influence of alcohol.

He went on to say that, he is no longer willing to stay as husband and wife with Faith, she must pack and go to her people because he is tired of her.

The Chief then ruled that, Jofuresi should give two goats to his mother-in-law not later than December.
The court valued each goat at $60.

Chief Chinamhora sets the record straight that they do not promote divorce and separation, however, the court is also not there to persuade couples that are failing to get along, so if they find it good for them to part ways, so shall it be.

Source - Alice Mangwanda