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Zanu-PF shuts door on gatecrashers

by Staff reporter
02 Nov 2023 at 05:43hrs | Views
Zanu-PF plans to address gatecrashers and ensure the authenticity of its members by introducing mandatory ICT-linked membership cards. The Central Committee report highlights that the digitalization of the party process aims to prevent non-members from infiltrating party activities. The implementation of an electronic database and electronic party cards will be an ongoing effort to register all party members and require the production of these party cards during any party events.

The party's digital development aligns with the advancements of the 4th Industrial Revolution. Efforts are being made to provide electronic membership cards to all Zanu-PF members in every province. This initiative serves to establish the legal and genuine membership of the party, generate funds through subscription fees, and unlock the economic value of legitimate members.

The Zanu-PF electronic card is linked to the ZimSwitch platform, enabling it to be used for purchases as long as it contains sufficient funds.

In addition, the party is taking steps to install tracking systems on all party vehicles. Members who misuse these vehicles, violate road safety regulations, or attempt to bypass tollgate payments will have their vehicles withdrawn. This action follows reports of party members abusing their membership status to avoid toll fees.

Source - The Herald