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Gwanda sewer system not in a good state

by Staff reporter
12 Nov 2023 at 11:44hrs | Views
GWANDA residents have called on the municipality to timeously upgrade the town's sewer reticulation system saying its failure may result in the outbreak of a number of diseases including cholera. 

A resident who identified himself as Mr James Ndlovu who spoke during an engagement meeting recently said the municipality was not fulfilling its duties to the residents as they continue to dwell on the same issues for years without change.
"There have been several complaints by residents over the issue of upgrading sewage systems and water pipes, since time immemorial during our meetings we have talked about this issue so that everyone benefits. There is a cholera outbreak and this issue needs urgent attention to avoid the outbreak. This will also benefit the future generation since the town is still developing. These sewage reticulation systems were designed when the town was still small, thus there is need for an upgrade since the town is developing on a daily basis and the population has increased," he said 
Another resident Ms Merylene Moyo spoke of water challenges and the unavailability of street lights in the mining town.
"Besides the issue of sewage reticulation systems there are a number of issues that are affecting our town, the water reservoirs that we have in the town are very small and cannot sustain everyone since the town's population is increasing, the town council should work on building another reservoir. We are scared of travelling at night in town due to the unavailability of street lights. This is a mining town and there are always gold panners moving around carrying dangerous weapons. Thus there is need for lights to be there so that we walk freely."
Responding to the outcry by the residents, the town's mayor, Councillor Thulani Moyo said the local authority will do its  best to deliver what the residents are calling for because good health is an integral part of the lives of the majority of the Zimbabwean population. He said there is a potential investor who will be rolling out a waste to energy project using sewage waste. 
"Our systems are not in a good state and the sewage pipes are now old, they were lined when the town was very small before having suburbs like Spitzkop, Jacaranda and ultra. What is important now is for us to upgrade these systems. We have 90 to 120mm sewage pipes and we need an upgrade to 250mm.
"We have a solution to that; there are possible investors who want to produce biogas using sewage waste. They are going to help us upgrade the sewage lines and it's a USD10 million project," he said.
He said they are going to improve the town's status and has assured residents to continue entrusting the council so that it realises its mandate to serve them.
"We are hopeful that there is going to be a huge change in our town and we are committed to seeing that happen, with your continued support and trust we are going to work together to ensure that our town is well taken care of," said Clr Moyo.

Source - sundaymail