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ZNA officers trade guns for trowels to safe lives

by Staff reporter
13 Nov 2023 at 05:50hrs | Views
In 1998, the Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA) demonstrated exceptional valor in the distant N'Djili region of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), a country still grappling with conflict today. Facing the real threat of death, these soldiers fought with distinction during what became known as the Great African War.

Fast forward 25 years to Whunga, located 30 kilometers west of Zezani growth point in Matabeleland South province. Three ZNA soldiers, now members of the army's building unit, find themselves engaged in a different kind of battle—one that doesn't involve firearms but aims to save lives.

Their mission is to contribute to the construction of a clinic that will serve the local community and reduce the travel distance for health services. In this new battlefield, they are not alone. Simbisa Brands' Chicken Inn, a well-known fast-food takeaway outlet, has joined forces with them.

While Whunga villagers may not have experienced the delicacies offered by Simbisa Brands, they now recognize the company as a life-saving partner. Beyond supplying chips, chicken, pizza, coffee, ice cream, and bread, Simbisa Brands has donated $10,000 towards the construction of Whunga Clinic, benefiting nearly 1,000 households in Beitbridge West.

Frank Mudau, Simbisa Brands' operations manager in Beitbridge, expressed the company's commitment: "We are strengthening the community we work in. We benefit from a strong community, and that is what drove us. We are giving them another US$2,500."

This collaboration between ZNA and Simbisa in a community project is a departure from their usual roles in war and food. Headman Mazibeli, a DRC war veteran and former instructor in support weapons, expressed pride in seeing soldiers engaged in community projects during times of peace.

Ratang Muleya, the project's chairperson, provided an update on the clinic's progress, mentioning that the brickwork is complete, and they are now working on the roof. Simbisa Brands' financial contribution will significantly aid in covering the roof costs, totaling $14,700.

The clinic building committee's adviser, Taelo Muleya, urged both local and diaspora residents to contribute towards completing the clinic. Villagers have actively participated by buying cement and molding bricks, contributing to the project's advancement.

Simbisa Brands' investment in a community in need reflects a commitment to making a meaningful impact beyond its core business. It is hoped that others will follow suit and contribute to community development initiatives.

Source - newsday