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NOSA condemns child labour in Hurungwe; donates stationery

by Gideon Madzikatidze recently in Hurungwe
14 Nov 2023 at 19:04hrs | Views
The Nyamufukudza Old Students Association (NOSA) has noted a rise in school drop-outs in Hurungwe since most children are reportedly used by parents as cheap source of labour during annual tobacco growing and production seasons which consume time for attending lessons.

Speaking during the prize-giving ceremony, Arch-bishop Dr Busani Sibanda (NOSA representative) appealed against use of children as source of labour during the tobacco farming season, describing the practice as inhumane and stifling childhood development.

"We condemn parents who employ and engage the services of children during tobacco farming seasons. They miss lessons in the process, and this is tantamount to childhood development and totally inhumane, " Sibanda said.

"As parents and guardians, you are depriving children of their rights to education, robbing them of their supposed bright future and stifle childhood development process, " Sibanda added.

"Poverty has also led to early child marriages as children are left vulnerable to abuse by rich people who lure them with cheap things which their parents may not be able to provide. It is through education which empower all children to build a stronger foundation and make informed decisions based on what they are taught at school from an early stage," Sibanda close remarks.

Meanwhile, Nyamufukudza Primary School Headmaster, Mr Chivhenge Mhararira appreciated the gesture by NOSA, claiming that the prizes and donations extended to children will go a long way in empowering them and motivate others to aim higher.

"We really appreciate your tireless efforts in transforming and empowering children through equipping them with necessary resources for education," Mhararira said.

"It is our appeal for renovations of two blocks which are in a sorry state due to aging, hence the need to transform them into modern structures meeting best standards, " Mhararira appealed.

Meanwhile, NOSA mobilised stationary and other essential resources for children which they claim will empower and complement them to realise their dreams.

Source - Gideon Madzikatidze recently in Hurungwe