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Mnangagwa Receives Comprehensive Farms Database Audit Report

by Staff Reporter
23 Nov 2023 at 05:27hrs | Views
Harare, November 22 - Today, President Mnangagwa was presented with the outcomes of a thorough audit of the Land Information Management System (LIMS) farms database by the Zimbabwe Land Commission. The comprehensive audit, spanning five years and fully funded by the Government, was showcased at State House.

Led by Commissioner Tendayi Ruth Bare, the Zimbabwe Land Commission, established in October 2021, played a pivotal role in ensuring the effective management and utilization of the country's land resources. The focus of the commission's mandate was the audit of the farms database within the LIMS.

The audited farms database offers crucial insights into the status and allocation of land resources throughout Zimbabwe. This meticulous audit not only enhances transparency and accountability in land management but also seeks to rectify any disparities or irregularities in land distribution.

Under the leadership of President Emmerson Mnangagwa, the government has prioritized the efficient and equitable use of the nation's land resources. By fully financing this extensive audit, the Government underscores its dedication to ensuring the proper governance and management of land, essential for sustainable development and economic growth.

The presentation of the audited farms database marks a significant milestone in Zimbabwe's land reform initiatives. The findings derived from this comprehensive audit will establish a robust foundation for evidence-based decision-making regarding land allocation, redistribution, and utilization, aligning with the government's commitment to fostering informed policies for the benefit of the nation.

Source - Chronicle