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Secret affair with married woman exposed

by Staff reporter
30 Nov 2023 at 23:50hrs | Views
Bulawayo-based anti-drug campaigner Romeo Matshazi has been caught cheating with a married woman, Blessed Maturure, who is the wife of Clement Gwatidzo.

The illicit affair was exposed after Gwatidzo discovered romantic messages in his wife's phone between her and Romeo, planning to meet and have sex.

The conversation had been going on for more than a week.

According to Gwatidzo, he decided to go through his wife's phone, something that he had not done in a long time, after noticing her dodgy behaviour.

That's when he found out about her affair with Romeo and sent a message to Romeo using his wife's phone, telling him he had found out about their affair.

"I confronted Romeo about having an affair with my wife. He didn't deny the allegations but claimed he didn't know she was married, which was a shock to me because Romeo is also a married man, and his reason was not a justification for his actions," Gwatidzo shared in an interview.

Romeo himself claims that Gwatidzo's wife was the one who made moves on him, and he claims that her husband might have been part of it because when he found out about the affair, he claimed a large sum of money from him.

"Gwatidzo started demanding money from me after finding out about my affair with his wife," Romeo said.

"Gwatidzo's wife said she is not married and is starving when it comes to bedroom issues, I also got weak and gave in," he shared.

Romeo goes on to share how Gwatidzo told him about how he paid US$50 tsvakirai kuno to Blessing's parents.

"I am prepared to give him US$50 and get Blessing as a wife because I do not understand why I have to pay any money to Gwatidzo," he said.

Blessing denied the allegations made by Romeo that she was the one who made moves on him first but says all of this was consensual and refused to comment any further.

"If people are going to believe what has already been said by Romeo then I have nothing left to say," she said.

According to Gwatidzo, he and his wife were no longer together after the incident.

Romeo said there was no need to give Gwatidzo money if he claimed he has already separated with his wife after their scandal came out in the open.

Source - bmetro