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Mohadi warns against name dropping

by Staff reporter
04 Dec 2023 at 04:44hrs | Views
VICE President Kembo Mohadi has warned Zanu-PF members against name-dropping, saying some of them were committing criminal activities and claiming to be doing it for senior officials, including the President.

Speaking in Bulawayo on Friday where he addressed a Zanu-PF by-election campaign rally in Nketa 8 suburb, he said he was aware that some of the party members were even abusing the President and Vice Presidents' names to indulge in criminal activities.

"As we are here you are being told by some individuals that the President and Vice Presidents don't sweat for anything. They claim that everything of theirs comes freely because they do this and that," he said.

"I come from the Beitbridge border town and when individuals get arrested for smuggling, they claim that yizinto zikamdala (these are mdala's items).

"The cigarette belongs to Umdala (VP Mohadi). What will the cop do when he has been told that cigarettes belong to umdala? They easily let things pass. That is name-dropping and this is what you do.

"I don't know about it and the President also doesn't know about it, Vice President Chiwenga doesn't know it and Muchinguri also doesn't know it. But their names are being used left, right and centre, as individuals are breaking the law."

Vice President Mohadi said senior party members did not condone the abuse of their names by criminals.

President Mnangagwa has previously warned party members against name-dropping and abusing the party's name saying anyone caught will face prosecution.

Vice President Mohadi said he was aware that some individuals were even making people pay just to book appointments with them.

"I once fired a secretary who was making people pay just to book an appointment with me," he said. "I didn't know that she was doing that. She was busy making money and building mansions and at the end of the day, those who were victimised say ‘Mohadi is corrupt.'

"Just to see him you need to part with US$30 000. It's those people who name-drop just to do their things".

Vice President Mohadi said he has an open-door policy and accommodates everyone without notice, especially individuals who come from outside Harare when they seek to see him.

He said he accommodates those coming outside Harare as no one would just leave their home to visit him without any pressing issues.

Vice President Mohadi said party officials also need to follow the structures and desist from making claims that they are being instructed from Harare when the ruling party has laid down communication systems.

"If anyone comes and claims that Harare said this, ask that person if the communication came through the chairman and if they say it does not come through the chairman, then Harare has nothing to do with it," said VP Mohadi.

"If a politburo member gives you instructions without going through the provincial chairman, (Jabulani Sibanda) then that person is telling you lies."

Source - The Herald