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Shock as Bulawayo's notorious drug dealer goes into hiding

by Simba Jemwa
04 Dec 2023 at 06:50hrs | Views
Notorious Bulawayo drug dealer, Charles George Wilson who gained notoriety after an investigation into his convictions revealed possible corruption at the Tredgold Magistrates Courts has gone into hiding.

After this publication began an investigating into cases of drug possession and trafficking committed by Wilson, it was revealed that court documents of his cases are missing from court files. There are also suspicions that Wilson has been corruptly getting away with a slap on the wrist every time that he has appeared before the courts on charges of possession and distributing illegal narcotics namely cocaine in spite of the drug being a Class A drug according to Zimbabwean laws.

It is believed that Wilson has appeared several times before the courts and has been convicted but is yet to serve an effective jail sentence getting with fines on most occasions. Reliable sources revealed that on one occasion, Wilson was convicted and sentenced to an effective jail term but was released on bail pending an appeal against both conviction and sentence but never returned to court after his release making him a fugitive.

"Charlie was arrested a few years ago and was convicted and sentenced. He appealed against both the conviction and the sentence ands was released on bail after spending a few days in prison. He never returned to court and since then every time he is arrested, he changes his name. Given the number of times he has been arrested and appeared in court, the courts should by now be able to identify him even when he changes his name," charged the source.

It has also been revealed that Wilson has been changing his name every time he has appeared before the courts to alternating between Charlie Wilson, George Wilson and Charles George Wilson to defeat background checks for previous convictions.

"Now every time he appears in court, there is no reference or record of his previous convictions which would influence both possible conviction and sentencing. This man is now like the Godfather and seems to be able to get away with anything," the source continued.

Bulawayo 24 is continuing to investigate Wilson as well how the court documents went missing.

Source - Simba Jemwa