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Chamisa's rule may be grabbed by corporals: War vet

by Stephen Jakes
08 Dec 2023 at 15:15hrs | Views
An ex-Zipra war veteran Max Mkandla has warned that if Citizens Coalition for Change leader Nelson Chamisa were to win the presidential elections his rule would be overthrown by a mere army corporal considering the easy way in which the self-imposed interim secretary general Sengezo Tshabangu has disturbilised his party with easy.

Tshabangu has since recalled 22 legislators and councillors whom he has also sought high court order deterring them from ever contesting the by-elections set for December 9.

Mkandla said what is on the ground on the issue of CCC is that the party wasted a loot of time due to too much academic approach.

He said they are using bookish type of politics adding that even at a burial society one must fight for the position.

"If you look at these people. its revolutionary versus academic. Zanu PF is using revolutionary approach. They grab all chances that come their way. As it is they capitalise on that and they will all seats in Bulawayo. If this Tshabangu continues recalling, that means the entire CCC MPs and councilors will lose their seats," Mkandla said.

He said the game of CCC must change and strategy must change.

He also said there was no need for Chamisa to lead the party alone. He said Chamisa should have registered the party as an independent movement than to claim that its a political party.

He said cluster structures that CCC has claimed to be having do not make sense in a political party but work in a company.

Mkandla said Tshabangu has taken advantage of that to destroy them and they even fail to block him.

"If they can not contain a person like Tshabangu, what more of a government? Even a sergeant or corporal can go for a coup and take government control and you will hear that a corporal or sergeant has taken government control, he is so weak," Mkandla said.

"He must have good advisors."

Source - Byo24News