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'Fighting back against Mnangagwa and Tshabangu is possible'

by Staff reporter
12 Dec 2023 at 00:48hrs | Views
Brighton Mutebuka, a Zimbabwean lawyer based in the United Kingdom, has asserted that the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) party has the capacity to resist Sengezo Tshabangu and President Emmerson Mnangagwa, who they believe are collaborating to dismantle the opposition. Tshabangu has been recalling CCC Members of Parliament and councillors, asserting that they no longer align with the party. However, the CCC party refutes Tshabangu's claims, alleging that he is colluding with Zanu-PF to secure the ruling party's two-thirds majority in Parliament.

Mutebuka contends that Zanu-PF should not be permitted to infringe upon the constitution and human rights without facing repercussions. He suggests that the opposition party should adopt an unconventional and adaptable approach to outmaneuver the regime. Mutebuka believes that peaceful mass protests should not be completely dismissed, even in the face of regime brutality. He stated:

"Any credible opposition party seeking change in an authoritarian environment must follow the path of our forebearers – challenging dictatorship relentlessly until a stream turns into a flood!

"To counter rampant impunity, a high cost should always be imposed on dictators after any incident violating democratic norms.

"The more acts of impunity go unchallenged, the more likely they are to be repeated. If an opposition party fails to push back against brutality & impunity effectively, it loses credibility while leaving its members exposed to the dictatorship."

Mutebuka insists that brutal regimes cease their brutality only when credible opposition is silenced. He argues that it is not credible for an opposition party to disavow political protests without presenting an alternative strategy to curb the regime's offending behavior.

To maintain credibility and unsettle the regime, Mutebuka proposes that the opposition party must demonstrate its ability to mobilize and protest with impactful consequences. He believes that the current crisis demands a fundamental shift in mindset and decisive leadership from the CCC party and its leader, Nelson Chamisa. Without building the capacity to mount a credible and effective counterattack against the regime, any new structure or variation of the current one will remain vulnerable to the relentless assault of the regime.

Since the August 2023 elections, a deadlock has persisted between Zanu-PF and the CCC. The CCC alleges election result manipulation in favor of President Mnangagwa, calling for new elections, but their plea was ignored. The crisis escalated when Sengezo Tshabangu recalled CCC Members of Parliament and councillors. Seeking assistance from SADC, the CCC was advised to address their concerns through local courts. However, the CCC contends that local courts are influenced by Zanu-PF, evident in the banning of their candidates from participating in by-elections. With the government cracking down on dissent and banning protests, the CCC perceives limited options. They express concerns that if Zanu-PF remains unchallenged, constitutional amendments may allow President Mnangagwa to stay in power indefinitely or establish a one-party state in Zimbabwe.

Source - pindula