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Bulawayo councillors pushing for the recall of Mayor David Coltart

by Staff reporter
12 Dec 2023 at 05:50hrs | Views
A faction of councillors in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, is reportedly advocating for the removal of Mayor David Coltart, known for his strong anti-corruption stance. Allegedly dissatisfied with Coltart's uncompromising stance against corruption, these councillors are purportedly collaborating with Sengezo Tshabangu to oust him from office.

Tshabangu, claiming to be the interim secretary-general of the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), has been recalling Members of Parliament (MPs) and councillors from the party, seemingly to the satisfaction of the ruling Zanu-PF party.

The councillors seeking Coltart's recall have allegedly levied various baseless accusations against him, including allegations of heavy-handedness and dictatorship. There are suspicions that they are working in tandem with Zanu-PF to achieve their objective.

While Zanu-PF councillor Nokuthula Sibanda did not confirm or deny the alleged plan to remove Mayor David Coltart, she expressed dissatisfaction, stating that Coltart failed to consult with them. Sibanda mentioned concerns about Coltart engaging with the Egodini project contractor and going on business trips without consulting fellow councillors. She stated:

"He also goes on business trips without consulting us. He does not want to go with us for workshops, each time we ask him to do so he always tells us that he is a busy man."

Coltart acknowledged discontent among some councillors regarding his leadership style, attributing the situation to his busy schedule and frequent travels in recent weeks. He refuted accusations of not consulting with fellow councillors, emphasizing that he sought leave of absence, which was granted in a full council meeting before his overseas trip in October.

Sources suggest that these councillors may be serving the interests of a former MDC A MP for Bulawayo who allegedly exploited his councillor position for personal gain. The councillors could be attempting to shield questionable acquisitions of land and tenders from council scrutiny.

David Coltart, a former Minister of Primary and Secondary Education, assumed the mayoral position after the August 2023 elections. There are indications that Sengezo Tshabangu, claiming to be the CCC secretary-general, might attempt to recall Coltart. While an account in Tshabangu's name exists on a platform, previously Twitter, its authenticity remains unconfirmed. The account suggests that Tshabangu may seek Coltart's recall, alleging that Coltart was imposed on voters by CCC leader Nelson Chamisa.

Source - pindula