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CCC youths threaten street protests

by Staff reporter
14 Dec 2023 at 10:31hrs | Views
The Youth Task Force of the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) in Bulawayo has threatened to take their grievances to the streets if urgent electoral reforms are not implemented.

During a press conference, CCC Task Force National Administrator Pashor Raphael Sibanda expressed concerns about captured Zimbabwean institutions, accusing ZEC, the judiciary system, and ZRP of being docile and subservient to Zanu-PF.

Sibanda said the representatives from CCC were illegally recalled from both local and central governments with the help of these institutions.

"We are aware of the Zanu-PF agenda to try to steal the will of the people and undermine the role of the alternative in the country. We have noted imposters, fraudsters and criminals being used by the regime as political condoms to collapse the people's movement and aid a one-party state through illegal recalls," he said

The youth task force also criticized the proposed 2024 National budget as anti-people and called for its rejection.

"The budget is anti-people and far from solving the economic decay of our country. We therefore reject that budget and urge all our MPs to ensure that they debate and reject that budget," he said

"As the governing party given the mandate by the people to lead and take the country forward, we want to send a very clear and straightforward statement that we are the now and the future of this Country and we won't allow or let any barbaric organization formed and governed in Harare to try attack and despise the will of the people specifically here in Bulawayo province."

Sibanda said the young people are ready to defend, advance and secure the future of generations to come.

 "We want to send a clear message to the regime to reform as a matter of urgency and let the will of the people be respected and protected. Failure to do so the streets shall be the avenue of our struggle," he said.

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