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Welshman Ncube releases more V11s on CCC debate

by Staff reporter
15 Dec 2023 at 10:09hrs | Views
OPPOSITION stalwart Welshman Ncube has exposed power-hungry Citizens Coalition For Change leaders who were in the National Council who have decided to run away with the party and constituted their party within the party.

According to Prof Ncube, "Every member of the then National Council knows what happened on 22 Jan 2022 at Mabvazuva."

Writing on X (formerly Twitter), Professor Ncube said,

"Every member of the then National Council knows what happened on 22 Jan 2022 at Mabvazuva.  We ALL know the truth. We were there! Many are terrified of the Twitter warriors to acknowledge the truth publicly.  We have no moral authority to oppose ZANUPF if we can't stand for truth.

"At the end of that NC meeting we were deployed to various Provinces,  4 Sunday 23 Jan, not to seek new candidates for the NEW but to confirm if members & citizens had objections to the recalled candidates standing again 2 complete their terms.

"Remember the abuse I got when ward 6 voters refused to confirm the Byo ward 6 recalled Councillor & chose instead  Moyo whose nomination paper I signed as candidate of choice of voters there. Remember 2 that ALL the recalled MDCA candidates went back under CCC. So much 4 the NEW."

On Wednesday, former MDC Alliance vice president Welshman Ncube asserted that Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) leader Nelson Chamisa had sidelined him. Consequently, Ncube claimed he lacked a platform to denounce the recall of the party's representatives in Parliament and councils by Sengezo Tshabangu.

Tshabangu, a former MDC-T provincial chairman and PDP activist, now identifies as the self-proclaimed CCC interim secretary-general. Since October 2023, Tshabangu has recalled over two dozen MPs and senators, along with more than 60 councillors, arguing that they were no longer party members.

CCC activists aligned with Chamisa have been pressing Ncube and Tendai Biti, both former MDC Alliance vice presidents, to speak out against Tshabangu. Notably, both Ncube and Biti have been conspicuously absent from the party's major political events leading up to and following the elections.

During an encounter with CCC supporter Chris Chidarikire, Ncube responded to queries about his absence from the Citizens National Assembly (CNA), a party structure, by questioning his membership. When asked if he held a leadership role in the CCC, Ncube implied that he should, but the party had unconstitutionally abandoned its structure. He clarified that as of January 22, 2022, he was the vice president of the MDC Alliance, which had resolved to reconstitute itself as the CCC and participate in the March 2022 by-elections under that name. However, the National Council did not dissolve itself at that meeting.

When pressed to condemn Tshabangu, Ncube argued that he lacked the authority to do so as he was no longer part of the leadership structures. He pointed out his previous efforts to oppose recalls when Thokozani Khupe and Douglas Mwonzora initiated them, emphasizing that he did so in his capacity as the vice president of the MDC Alliance. Ncube questioned in what capacity he should intervene now.

Critics contend that Chamisa dismantled the MDC Alliance structures to consolidate power, leading to disagreements with founding members such as Ncube and Biti. Chamisa, however, maintains that the CCC is an entirely new political party with no ties to the MDC Alliance.

Source - Byo24News