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BREAKING: Zimbabwe Cricket Union turns Queens Sports Club into a Strip Club

by Nkululeko Nkomo
19 Dec 2023 at 11:30hrs | Views
The Zimbabwe Cricket Union (ZCU) and Matabeleland Tuskers Team Manager, Nicholas Singo, find themselves entangled in a legal battle that has exposed their alleged illegal activities at Queens Sports Club. The explosive details, revealed through High Court case number HCBC2520/23, paint a damning picture of the Union's blatant violation of a 25-year lease agreement with Queens Sports Club.

Queens Sports Club, the landlord of ZCU, has filed a case seeking a court order against the Union and Singo, accusing them of turning rented facilities inside the grounds into a strip club—an act in flagrant disregard of the lease terms that strictly permit cricket-related activities only.
The court documents reveal a shocking abuse of ZCU membership by Tuskers Team Manager Nicholas Singo, who is accused of leveraging his affiliation with the Union to manipulate and exploit the lease agreement with Queens Sports Club.

Queens Sports Club, the Applicant in the case, is seeking a comprehensive order against ZCU and Singo. The order aims to bar, ban, and exclude them from hosting music shows, social functions, gatherings, restaurants, and nightclubs at Queens Sports Club without explicit written consent from the applicant and the City of Bulawayo, cited as the 3rd Respondent.

Furthermore, Queens Sports Club is seeking an interdict against the 1st and 2nd Respondents (ZCU and Singo) from conducting any renovations within their rented space and from interfering with the red gated designated area near Fife street and First Avenue.

The court papers quote Queens Sports Club asserting that Singo, possibly in collaboration with the ZCU and undisclosed third parties, has been flagrantly hosting illegal music shows, gatherings, and restaurants, in direct violation of the existing lease. Despite engagements with the Club, there has been no compliance, and the alleged violations have escalated, with plans for numerous illegal live shows and gatherings during the December 2023 festive season.
Adding fuel to the fire, the court documents claim that the 1st and 2nd Respondents have engaged in illegal construction within the Club, intending to establish an adult entertainment strip club—a shocking deviation from the agreed-upon use of the space for cricket activities.

A member of the Queens Sports Club Board expressed their dismay, stating, "We will not allow the space inside the perimeter walls of our club to be turned into a venue for Bunga Bunga, belly dancing and pole climbing events by strippers. The sole agenda in establishing this entity has always been clear from the beginning; which is to promote sporting activities and the lease between the Club and the ZCU is clear; to promote cricket. We will not allow some misled and misguided outlaws to defecate on the founding values of this entity and the legal standing agreements which are; to advance sports in this City. If they want to conduct any other business outside sport, they can apply to the Council to avail to them such places."

Meanwhile, a highly advertised event to be held at Queens Sports Club on Thursday 21 December  featuring DJ Tira and Holy Ten hangs in the balance since the Club did not sanction the illegal live show gathering.

Source - Byo24News