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Zimbabwean man accused of murdering SA girlfriend and hiding body in freezer

by Staff reporter
10 Jan 2024 at 08:01hrs | Views
Zimbabwean Man Accused of Murdering Girlfriend and Hiding Body in Freezer Denied Bail./ Image: Lisalee Solomons / News24
A shocking and gruesome discovery in the Samora Machel community of Philippi, Cape Town, has led to the arrest of a Zimbabwean national, Brian Miripiri, who stands accused of murdering his 56-year-old girlfriend, Busisiwe Mthethwa. Miripiri will remain in custody as the State opposes his release on bail following the distressing revelation of Mthethwa's dismembered body found in a chest freezer at their shared home.

The appalling sequence of events unfolded when the police, along with concerned family members, made the chilling discovery after growing apprehensions about Mthethwa's sudden disappearance.

Miripiri, the accused, reportedly spent a night with another woman after the alleged murder, all while claiming that Mthethwa had decided to travel to the Eastern Cape. However, inconsistencies in Miripiri's statements and suspicious behavior drew attention to the disturbing truth behind Mthethwa's disappearance.

Family members, alarmed by the situation, were alerted by a neighbor about Miripiri attempting to sell Mthethwa's possessions. Upon reaching their residence, they found the shack locked. Their subsequent visit to the police station seeking assistance led to the distressing revelation.

"When we got there we saw him in the road and the police told him to open the door. In the kitchen, we found a knife and the kitchen was ransacked. I heard my sister screaming that there was blood on the curtains," recounted a relative.

The grim discovery of Mthethwa's body stuffed inside the freezer unfolded, intensifying the already grim reality of the situation. Miripiri opted for a Legal Aid lawyer for his representation as the State charged him with murder under Schedule 5.

The State's account revealed a disturbing scene at the deceased's home, suggesting a violent altercation had taken place. Miripiri's claims of not seeing Mthethwa for days were contradicted by the distressing discovery, leading to his subsequent arrest.

Expressing profound anger and hurt, Jacky Samuels, the chairperson of the Samora Machel community police forum, denounced the incident and vowed to pursue justice for Mthethwa. "How long must women suffer at the hands of men?" she exclaimed, highlighting the distress caused by Miripiri's calm demeanor despite the brutal crime committed.

The community remains shaken by the horrifying event, with a determination to seek justice for Mthethwa. The court has postponed proceedings awaiting bail information, as the community prepares to rally behind the memory of the victim and stand united against such abhorrent acts of violence.

Police spokesperson FC van Wyk confirmed the distressing incident, stating that officers attended a missing person's complaint at the premises, leading to the ghastly discovery of Mthethwa's body in the freezer.

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