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Pan Africanist organisations urged to form one institution to spearhead United States of Africa

by Stephen Jakes
10 Jan 2024 at 15:26hrs | Views
Pan Africanists organisations formed in the continent have been challenged to come together to form one institution that will significantly push for a one united state of Africa in order to prevent infiltration and to shrug off third-force involvement that may destabilize them leading to the flop of the ideology.

The call was made by a Pan African Movement (PAM) member in Zimbabwe Max Mkandla.

Several pan African organisations have emerged in the continent as the former colonies inhabitants forges ahead with efforts to have a United States of Africa with the likes of Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema in  South Africa, and the Kenyan intellectual and academic Patrick Lumumba  being one of the people in the forefront of calling for a border less African continent.

The most prominent institutions that have emerged to push for Africa without borders are Pan African Movement (PAM), United States of Africa (USA) and United Nations of Africa (UNA).

Mkandla said it is imperative that all the organisations that are pushing for a united African continent from one organisation to curb chances of infiltration by those who are against the idea.

"The African organisations must come together to form one formidable organisation that will close all leakages and chances of infiltration which may threaten the idea of having a united continent," Mkandla said.

"If they remain in bits and pieces, it would be easy for those against this idea to buy some of these organisations to stifle the idea by amplifying the idea that it is not necessary to have a united States of Africa," Mkandla said.

"We must closely look into these things. We are advocating for all organisations to come together and register as one  and they must seek to identify only one country among the continent states to become the capital.  The organisation must be purely civil in nature to avoid being taken as a political organisation which may affect the process of lobbying."

He said as time goes on the organisation must push for one major language to be used across and a national  or language of communication and instruction so as to decolonies the nations that were indoctrinated into their colonial masters languages such as English and French.

Mkandla advised the governments across Africa that the Pan African organisations were not working against them but respect them and celebrates the fact that all of the states are not in the hands of Africans.

"What we still need to do is to decolonise the continent from being tied to the colonialist languages, practices and culture as if they do not have their own origins," he said.

He also expressed concerns that even after the defeat of the colonialists in the wars that were fought by Africans, the sad part of it is that  there is currently a new wave of colonisation of Africa by Chinese who prove to be worse that the former colonisers.

He lamented that most of these Chinese investors derive more power from those in government who do not monitor how they conduct their activities and even do not act against them even if they are abusing citizens they employ in their companies and mines.

In Zimbabwe scores of Chinese have been given mining rights in which even the locals rights to be inhabitants of some places gets violated without government intervention to stop the activities.

Source - Byo24News