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'Biti had motive to attack Aleshina'

by Staff reporter
12 Jan 2024 at 00:00hrs | Views
Deputy Prosecutor-General Mr Michael Reza yesterday said opposition politician and lawyer Tendai Biti had the motive and opportunity to assault businesswoman Mrs Tatiana Aleshina after an altercation at the Harare Magistrates Court in 2020.

Mr Reza said this while cross examining Biti on why he is seeking referral to the Constitutional Court in his assault matter.

Biti is denying the charge of assaulting the businesswoman and property investor Mrs Aleshina sometime in 2020.

During cross examination Biti was asked why he claimed that he did not know the complainant at the time when on that day before the court session, he had referred to her by her full name and surname.

In response Biti said he only came to know the name of the complainant later.

Biti also failed to explain why he constantly complained about the news coverage on the case which he claimed to be biased against him.

Mr Reza asked Biti on whether he was aware that newspaper articles did not influence court processes.

The prosecutor put it to Biti that he was irked after he heard news that his client, George Katsimberis, had lost an important case at the High Court against the complainant's company and that was why he directed his anger toward Mrs Aleshina.

Mr Reza has on several occasions accused Biti of deliberately delaying the trial by filing several court applications.

He accused Biti of submitting irrelevant information which had nothing to do with the assault case.

Source - The Herald