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Ex-hubby demands his ring after wife gets married to another

by Staff reporter
12 Jan 2024 at 09:45hrs | Views
FORGET about dramatic soapie storylines for entertainment, real-life divorce stories and betrayal are clearly where all the real action is.

Real-life experiences, by their very nature, involve genuine emotions of love, loss, anger, grief and everything in between.

This depth of feeling can be more relatable and impactful than the sometimes manufactured drama of fictional stories.

When people share their stories of divorce and betrayal, they often expose a level of vulnerability and honesty that resonates with others who have faced similar experiences.

This upsetting scene played out in real life when Tawanda Makwiramiti from Harare sued his in-laws from Bulawayo's Mahatshula North suburb for allegedly marrying off his wife to another man behind his back.

Now, amid the wreckage of his marriage, he is now demanding the symbol of his shattered vows — the engagement ring from his ex-wife Rejoice Nheta.

Rejoice betrayed Tawanda's trust when he was secretly married off to another man Laurence Alexander Muzah.

Tawanda fulfilled the lobola payment for Rejoice on 23 January 2021. Her parents, however, refused to allow him to go with her saying the money which he had paid was not enough since Rejoice was a virgin.

He paid additional money on 1 August 2021 before he was allowed to take his wife.

However, Rejoice only stayed with him for five days and during those days she reportedly refused to have sex with him, as expected in every marital relationship.

Tawanda later discovered that his wife was refusing to be intimate with him because she was no longer a virgin and had been engaged to another man who married her on 10 December 2023.

Tawanda, who claimed all efforts to seek answers from Rejoice's family and efforts of mediation have hit a snag, is now demanding that Rejoice give him back his engagement ring.

With pain scribbled all over his face, he narrated to B-Metro how Rejoice betrayed him before she went on to slap him with a protection order so that he stopped communicating with her while requesting his engagement ring and lobola refund.

"Rejoice betrayed me when she got married to another man behind my back. This is despite the fact that we had engaged and later paid lobola. She is the one who broke our deal and she should give me back my engagement ring.

"She tried to play innocent by seeking a protection order against me. This is despite the fact that she is the one who betrayed me. The court order will not stop me from demanding my engagement ring," said Tawanda, his voice raw with anger.

He said if she refused he was going to sue her to get his engagement ring back.

Efforts were also made to contact Rejoice but her phone was not reachable.

Source - bmetro
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