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Mayor Mafume lashes Zinara

by Staff reporter
16 Jan 2024 at 04:45hrs | Views
The City of Harare (CoH) is experiencing growing dissatisfaction with what they perceive as an unjust funding system implemented by the Zimbabwe National Road Administration (ZINARA).

The local authority accuses ZINARA of disproportionately allocating only US$2 million out of the US$64 million collected annually from motorists. Mayor Jacob Mafume asserts that Harare, with its 800,000 registered vehicles paying a quarterly levy of US$20 each, contributes a substantial US$64 million annually to ZINARA.

In return, the city receives a mere US$2 million, a meager 3% of the revenue generated by its motorists. Mayor Mafume emphasizes the need for a reconsideration of the existing model, stating that it is not functioning effectively.

"We have communicated to the authorities that Harare has 800,000 cars, each paying US$20 per quarter. Harare motorists contribute US$64 million annually to ZINARA, but we only receive US$2 million," Mafume stated.

Despite the city's consistent plea for a review, it has received the same amount for the past two years. Mafume notes the inadequacy of this amount, especially considering that ZINARA also collects fuel levy and carbon tax.

"We are not receiving anything from the fuel levy, even though the majority of fuel is consumed in Harare. The fuel levy is paid in USD, but ZINARA provides us with Zimbabwean dollars. Additionally, we get nothing from the carbon tax, which we could use to acquire equipment for air pollution measurement," Mafume explained.

The mayor highlights that previous promises from ZINARA to engage with local authorities and revise the funding formula have not materialized. Urgent action is sought, as the city is grappling with deteriorating road conditions, drainage issues, and a need for adequate funding for rehabilitation and routine maintenance.

Harare, with an estimated 5,000 km of road network, requires significant investment. The city aims to rehabilitate 250 km of roads annually for the next five years, with an estimated annual cost of USD 250 million. Routine maintenance of 1,200 km annually is also needed, costing around US$60 million. In 2024, the city targets rehabilitating 60 km of roads and conducting 500 km of routine maintenance, requiring funding from ZINARA.

In 2023, the council received ZWL$11,843,204,586 from ZINARA.

Source - newzimbabwe