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Sipho Mazibuko joins Zanu-PF Women's League

by Staff reporter
22 Jan 2024 at 10:46hrs | Views
SIPHO Mazibuko, a former modelling guru, has officially joined the Zanu-PF Women's League. In this new political venture, Mazibuko has pledged to leverage her influence to advocate for women's empowerment and welfare.

She sees her membership in the Women's League as a platform to advocate for women, not only in Bulawayo but also in the neighbouring regions of Matebeleland North and Matebeleland South.

In an exclusive interview, Mazibuko expressed her strong desire to assist women in the region in reaching the same levels of success as their counterparts throughout the country.

"I'm excited and honoured to be associating myself with the Women's League where feminine emancipation is at the top of the agenda. That resonates with me a lot. I've observed that women in Bulawayo and the Matebeleland regions often hesitate to take the lead in their respective fields. The fear of being at the top seems to hold them back in their pursuit of climbing the corporate ladder.

"Recognising this challenge, I'm committed to utilising my influence to empower and encourage these women to become the best versions of themselves in their diverse spheres. My goal is to break down barriers and instil confidence, fostering an environment where they can thrive and excel without fear," Mazibuko said.

"I want to be the conduit for them to access business symposiums, workshops, and funding for their endeavours," she said.

Mazibuko has earned recognition for orchestrating workshops and seminars that centre on skills development, entrepreneurship, and leadership training. Through these initiatives, barriers have been dismantled, and numerous opportunities have emerged for women in Bulawayo.

Her high-calibre events have been endorsed by Minister of Industry and Commerce, Dr Sithembiso Nyoni inclusive of a High Tea held at Lavinia Gardens in Waterford.

In addition to her various endeavours, Mazibuko harbours a grand vision of establishing a dedicated space where young women can showcase their entrepreneurial talents and cultivate thriving businesses. This will see her unveiling her brainchild, the Strides Mall, a venture set to take the place of the renowned but now-defunct Strides Hair Salon today. Describing the Strides Mall, she expressed that it is destined to become a symbol of hope, resilience, and entrepreneurial spirit among the young women of Bulawayo.

"The mall is not just a commercial space but a beacon of empowerment, representing the determination and business acumen of the city's aspiring female entrepreneurs," she said.

Mazibuko owes her trajectory in the business and events planning space to the visionary leadership of Minister of Defence and War Veterans Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri and the newly-appointed Minister of Industry and Commerce, Dr Sithembiso Nyoni whom she sees as pillars.

"I owe so much of who I am today to these two individuals, as they have played a pivotal role in helping me realise my vision and achieve my goals. On the business front, their guidance has imparted invaluable lessons, and their financial support has been instrumental. They are truly my pillars of strength."

"I also have so much respect for Ward 20 Councillor, Sandra Ndebele-Sibindi whose music career was launched at my Midlands Miss Malaika show held at Kadoma's Ranch Hotel and Conference Centre in 2003.

"Because I'm a female empowerment activist, I decided to join the Women's League on my own. I sent a message to Sithembiso Nyoni asking her how I could join the Women's League and she referred me to Sandra Ndebele-Sibindi. It's funny how I held her hand towards stardom and today, she's the one holding my hand into the political world," she said.

"I am extremely proud of Sandra for her remarkable success in the political arena, and I am profoundly grateful to her for being my mentor and guiding me into that world. Without her encouragement, I wouldn't have become a member of Zanu-PF and the Women's League, and for that, I am truly thankful."

Sipho Mazibuko's illustrious career has been marked by twists and turns, yet her unwavering determination for success has allowed her to rise with her head held high. Weathering challenges such as a difficult divorce and confronting the depths of depression, Mazibuko has navigated through adversity to emerge as a matriarch in both the modelling and entrepreneurial realms.

Her journey reflects not just professional accomplishments, but a personal triumph over setbacks.

Source - The Chronicle