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Wife killer nabbed after three years on the run

by Staff reporter
01 Feb 2024 at 23:52hrs | Views
IT is never advisable to take the law into your hands when someone has wronged you as that might leave you regretting eternally.

Additionally, the long arm of the law always has a way of catching up with criminals who flee from justice.

This is what Godfrey Ndlovu from Tsholotsho is feeling after fleeing to South Africa in 2021 when he allegedly killed his wife in a domestic tiff.

Probably due to a misguided macho ego, Ndlovu was involved in a heated argument with his wife over an undisclosed issue and fatally attacked her with a log all over the body.

Battered and bruised, his wife later died at a hospital, a court heard.

His wife (name not supplied) collapsed at the scene before Ndlovu took off for South Africa where he has been hiding since 2021.

Last year in December he returned home to celebrate Christmas Day with his relatives in Tsholotsho. While he was boozing one of the villagers phoned police officers informing them that Ndlovu was at the shops. Police quickly arrived and arrested him.

Ndlovu appeared for routine remand before Bulawayo magistrate Maxwell Ncube facing a murder charge. He was not asked to plead. He was advised to apply for bail at the Bulawayo High Court. However, the investigation officer opposed his bail application because the victim's relatives might avenge their daughter's death.

The investigation officer said taking into account that murder is a serious crime the accused person might flee if he is granted bail.

The investigation officer also stated that Ndlovu was a flight risk because after committing the offence in 2021 he fled to South Africa where he had been hiding. The magistrate remanded him in custody to 8 February for routine remand.

Source - BMetro