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Survivors petition chiefs over Gukurahundi hearings

by Staff reporter
06 Feb 2024 at 04:37hrs | Views
A CIVIC society organisation (CSO) fighting for victims, the Gukurahundi Genocide Survivors 4 Justice (GGS4J), has cautioned traditional leaders not to be hoodwinked by President Emmerson Mnangagwa's administration into sweeping the issue under the carpet.

The CSO said if the traditional leaders were not careful, they would lose their subjects' respect as they were bitter over government's ineptitude in dealing with the emotive Gukurahundi issue.

Tempers are high among the victims and survivors in Matebeleland and Midlands provinces amid concern that the Zanu-PF government was responsible for the abuses.

They are also concerned that the government has not acted positively for the past 36 years since the killings were ended through the Unity Accord signed by the late former President Robert Mugabe and Vice-President Joshua Nkomo.

In a petition to Matebeleland traditional leaders, GGS4J chairperson Nomagugu Khumalo expressed concern over the developments.

"It looks like the government has turned your respected role in the community into something very despicable. The government has made you lose respect within the eyes of the communities you preside over by railroading its programmes upon you," Khumalo wrote.

"You, my esteemed traditional leaders, have remained the meek, respectful servants and allowed these undesirable schemes to be superimposed upon you and the respectable offices you hold. Why?"

She implored the traditional leaders to restore the dignity that their offices commanded.

"We've seen to our biggest disappointment President Mnangagwa play one of the lamest chess games with your distinguished offices about the Gukurahundi issue," she said.

Khumalo said Mnangagwa was using the traditional leaders as a stepping stone to his villainous actions of sweeping the Gukurahundi issue under the carpet.

"We believe you too can see this. We have ultimate trust in you and will vehemently defy any attempts towards burying evidence on Gukurahundi," she said.

"Today marks exactly one week since you, our reputable traditional leaders, sat down with Mnangagwa. Again, we implore you to work towards restoration of the dignities that have always identified the prestigious offices you hold."

Indications are that the traditional leaders are yet to respond to the petition.

Chiefs Council of Zimbabwe president Chief Mtshane Khumalo was not available to comment yesterday.

The government has announced that a budget for the Gukurahundi hearings has been set and will be available soon for the hearings to start.

Source - Southeren Eye