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Cracks emerge in Chamisa's blue movement

by Staff reporter
06 Feb 2024 at 23:48hrs | Views
CONFUSION has rocked opposition politics with former Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) organising secretary Amos Chibaya dismissing reports that ex-president Nelson Chamisa's followers were mobilising for a new political outfit.

Chibaya yesterday told NewsDay that a meeting held in Mutare over the weekend was not an inaugural mobilisation programme amid claims by some Chamisa loyalists that they were excluded from the meeting.

Chibaya said he organised the Mutare caucus on behalf of CCC despite former party deputy national spokesperson and legislator Gift Siziba telling NewsDay that the meeting was a move towards the establishment of a new party.

The meeting, however, attracted the wrath of some Chamisa's loyalists who alleged that they were not informed of the meeting.

Chibaya and Siziba addressed party supporters in Mutare during the weekend.

Other senior opposition figures who attended the meeting, included former lawmakers Regai Tsunga and David Chimhini as well as Chikanga legislator Lynette Karenyi-Kore.

"As the organiser of the party, l was meeting with our champions from Manicaland.  I am the organiser of the party in charge of putting in place structures and making sure that there are programmes and activities for the party.

"At the beginning of every year, l do a round of provincial citizens assembly (PCA) and that meeting which took place is called PCA which was called by the national organising champions, myself and addressed again by myself.

"The president resigned, yes, but he is still working with the citizens of Zimbabwe to achieve democratic change in Zimbabwe."

Chibaya added: "I am the organiser. The organiser oversees the party programmes and activities. If you go to Zanu-PF there is what is called a political commissar. You cannot be left out if you are not the organiser or part of the organising committee."

However, reliable sources told NewsDay that numerous Chamisa loyalists are in the dark over his next move with the inaugural mobilisation programme coming as a surprise.

Chamisa stepped down from the CCC last month, arguing that Zanu-PF had infiltrated the party after self-proclaimed interim secretary-general Sengezo Tshabangu purged several CCC legislators from Parliament.

Political analyst Ricky Mukonza yesterday warned that legislators and supporters leaving the CCC to follow Chamisa might find themselves in the political wilderness because they may not be part of his plans in the new political formation.

"There is no doubt that Mr Chamisa is the most popular leader in the opposition circles at this point, however, the situation that is there is a very tricky one. He quit CCC and those that claim to be loyal to him are following him. Some MPs have already resigned following him.

"On the part of those that have resigned, it's quite a risky move that they have taken because it's not very clear whether they are part of the plan of Mr Chamisa," he said.

He said the problems in the opposition movement was Chamisa's claim to everything in the party and being the centre of all decisions.

"There are no brand-new people. Mr Chamisa is going to move to the new political entity with the same people that were in CCC.

"He may think that he will succeed in leaving behind those he thinks were problematic for him, but he may equally find the same problems with those that are going to join him," he said.

Another political analyst Effie Ncube urged Chamisa to close all potential loopholes while decisively and unequivocally addressing all legitimate concerns.

"It's important that the new movement, with its millions of supporters, avoids the pitfalls of division right from the outset. These are the fractures that end up bringing down organisations.

"At this stage, conceptual clarity among top leaders is key so that there is unity of purpose. Grievances can grow if not proactively tackled," he said.

Professor of World Politics at the University of London's School of Oriental and African Studies Stephen Chan said: "Those who sacrificed their Parliamentary careers or left the CCC to follow Chamisa must not be left on the wayside. The country will not follow him otherwise. He cannot begin again to think he can go it alone. Otherwise, his new movement will again be seen as a one-man-band, and not as something led by a future president of millions of people in an entire country."

Source - newsday