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MASVINGO LAND EVICTIONS: Ibhetshu likaZulu steps in

by Mandla Ndlovu
12 Feb 2024 at 13:07hrs | Views
In a shocking turn of events, the Ibhetshu Lika Zulu organization has issued a press statement decrying the eviction of villagers in Masvingo Province, Zimbabwe. Distress calls have flooded in from Masvingo and surrounding areas, where evictions have commenced, leaving thousands of Zimbabwean citizens homeless and their hard-earned investments demolished.

The press statement alleges that indigenous black Zimbabweans, many of whom fought for the land during the liberation struggle, are now facing dispossession by a black government suspected of accommodating foreign interests and so-called "chefs" or cronies. The organization asserts that this mass eviction violates the basic right to shelter, enshrined in the constitution, and questions the authenticity of the country's independence.

"Every Zimbabwean has the right to shelter; this is a basic right enshrined in the constitution," the press statement reads. "It's sad that 44 years after Independence, the state is still using a colonial law against its people."

The statement further criticizes the government's insensitivity, treachery, and disdain for its own people. It raises concerns about the reality of independence, questioning whether the ruling party has sold out the peasants and the masses of the people.

The press release goes on to highlight the silence of political players across the spectrum, accusing them of prioritizing personal gains over the welfare of the people. The organization contends that the masses are left without support structures while politicians battle for luxurious allowances and vehicles, portraying a stark betrayal of the Zimbabwean people.

Mbuso Fuzwayo, Secretary General of Ibhetshu LikaZulu, emphasizes the need for the masses to realize that they must liberate themselves and that justice is a fundamental tenet of the political struggle. He points out the historical sacrifices made during the war of liberation and calls for unity against tyranny, referencing past atrocities like Gukurahundi, ESAP, Murambatsvina, and Chiadzwa displacement.

The press statement concludes with a powerful call to action, urging the Zimbabwean people to unite against the relentless actions of the ruling class that continuously inflict cruelty on the population without remorse. The organization contends that the eviction crisis demands a collective response to safeguard the rights and well-being of the thousands rendered homeless in the pursuit of political interests.

Source - Byo24News