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Free emergency health services for one month

by Staff reporter
12 Feb 2024 at 23:43hrs | Views
PRIVATE healthcare institution, Corporate 24, has pledged to provide free emergency health services this month targeting members of the public in Bulawayo and Harare in a bid to reduce costs and complications related to delays in seeking medical attention.

In rolling out the project, the hospital has partnered with ambulance service providers such as MARS, the Bulawayo City Council, Netstar, ACE, St Johns, Astrid, and Emras.

The campaign will see members of the public getting free emergency treatment, free medical aid training, and free health education on emergencies.

Speaking during a media briefing, Corporate 24 chief medical officer Dr Kevin Kusano said the campaign will not apply to follow-up patients but only to those who develop emergencies at home, including accident victims.

"The campaign is in response to the huge influx of emergencies around the country in which most of the cases showed that people were not ready financially, logistically, and mentally," he said.

"We wish to empower schools, organisations, and the public at large on emergency preparedness, procedures, and practices that could save lives and reduce health costs.

"When they get to the hospital we will stabilise them, take necessary blood tests, and even offer necessary medication for free. If they require further attention, we will then refer them to their specialists or preferred institutions which we know will save lives because many complications occur during delays in accessing services."

Dr Kusano said every parent and guardian should also be equipped with relevant first aid information in case of emergencies.

"People sometimes experience life-threatening emergencies like choking, shortness of breath, and even accidents, which end up becoming complications because they did not have access to emergency services," he said.

"In other cases, people are just lifted from accident scenes and driven to the hospital without care, which complicates the situation. This is the reason why we are doing this campaign to help members of the public.

"Those eligible include people who will be present in a hospital after facing life-threatening situations that could worsen if not attended to immediately."

Dr Kusano said Corporate 24 is also working on a TB Campaign in March to help members of the public make health-informed decisions.

Located in the Central Business District of Bulawayo, Corporate 24 is a 30-bed modern and compact medical facility that offers a comprehensive service that fully complements its Emergency Unit, which is open 24 hours daily.

The hospital also enjoys relationships with a wide range of specialists in fields such as obstetrics, gynaecology, general surgery, orthopaedics, physicians, and paediatrics.

Source - The Chronicle