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Siziva warns of fraudsters in constituencies

by Staff reporter
13 Feb 2024 at 04:45hrs | Views
PEOPLE who support former Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) leader Nelson Chamisa must be wary of fraudsters who want to cause chaos in opposition movements ahead of the establishment of a new political party, Gift Siziva has said.

The former CCC deputy national spokesperson made the call while addressing Chamisa followers during a rally at Mcdonald Hall, Mzilikazi in Bulawayo on Sunday this week.

Siziva said they would expose all those who had a hand in the chaos within the CCC leading to the recall of legislators and councillors across Zimbabwe.

"You have come out clear to show that you support Chamisa. The majority had been confused because of leadership battles here in Bulawayo, where a crazy man rose but as he went crazy he wasn't alone he had followers.

"Some of those were part of us but I came here with a charge sheet to expose them so that you know them. The majority are trying to raise Tsvangirai spirit forgetting that when he was alive they abused him saying that he was not educated so as to remove him from his position as a leader.

"Today they are back. They are fighting Chamisa so I'm doing this so that you know them so that where we are going and where we come from we don't get disturbed by such people," he said.

Siziva said CCC was no longer the right vehicle to bring change in Zimbabwe.

"There is nothing called standing committee in the people's movement. The MDC is in the past, it is not the future; the future is Chamisa and the people.

"Chamisa said the CCC is no longer the vehicle to take people of Zimbabwe to the promised land. Those who want it, you can go there, but people here are very clear, they want advocate Nelson Chamisa not that vice-president and that secretary-general," Siziva said.

He said Chamisa would soon address supporters on the new movement and the way forward.

"As we come to you we are not the owners of the new movement, the owner is coming. Therefore, we make way so that people know where we are going in constituencies and wards.

"Beware of fraudsters, you are the ones who know them so that tomorrow such people do not come towards elections and pretend to be part of us.

"Our objective is to unite people and work together and when we talk of unity we talk about agreement on the objectives," Siziva said.

Source - newsday