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Ex-detainee, JP appeals for GD6 from Chivhayo

by Gideon Madzikatidze/Simbarashe Sithole
14 Feb 2024 at 21:35hrs | Views
Political activist, Paddington Japajapa has appealed and extended his begging bowl to Sir Wicknell Chivhayo if he could summon Victor to handover (him) a GD6 offroad, full service kit and fuel coupons as an appreciation for endorsing Zanu-Pf during Zimbabwe's 2023 national election campaign rally at Robert Mugabe Square grounds.

Speaking during an interview after his release from a six-month long incarceration, Japajapa has expressed his desire to meet the "famous Victor" and receive his fair share, an assignment which only requires Chivhayo's permission and confirmation even on X (formerly Twitter).

"My release from incarceration was long overdue since I had been longing to meet Sir Wicknell Chivhayo or just read his tweet where he assigns Victor to handover GD6 keys to me as an appreciation for endorsing the ruling party, Zanu-Pf. This should however include full service kit and probably fuel coupons to enable mobility," Japajapa suggested.

"I am confident he will do that in recognition of what I did before elections. He is a man of integrity and it took him just a tweet on his X account to assign Victor, of which am following his account religiously so that any moment, he may announce my name from his not-so-ending list," Japajapa added.

"Imagine if he could give musicians, comedians, other artists and churches, what stops him from releasing the list of political activists. I presume my name will be amongst his next list to be paraded for the next fleet from Victor," Japajapa added.

Meanwhile, Japajapa has also appealed to Zanu-Pf leader and President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa for a small plot or farm to complement government's efforts in feeding the nation through improving agricultural production and fuel coupons to enable him (Japajapa) living his dreams.

"I also appeal to President Mnangagwa if he could avail a farm to me so that I complement government's efforts in ensuring food sufficiency to feed the nation. Given that I meet Victor, it would also be noble if I may have priviledge to be availed with fuel coupons to refuel my GD6 from the Farm during weekends and back to Harare during mid-week," Japajapa said.

Japajapa has also claimed that since he is one of ex-detainee during the liberation struggle, that would probably makes him liable to access some benefits and priviledges from the state if the political leadership extended its mercy on him.

Source - Byo24News