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BCC orders vendors to vacate 5th Avenue by tomorrow

by Staff reporter
17 Feb 2024 at 08:36hrs | Views
THE Bulawayo City Council (BCC) has issued a stern warning to vendors who are operating illegally along 5th Avenue.

They have until tomorrow to leave the road or have their wares confiscated by the council.

The BCC is on a mission to decongest the city and restore order. It is targeting illegal taxi operators and vendors who are occupying the pavements of the city's roads. The BCC, in partnership with Terracotta Private Limited, reopened Egodini taxi rank on 5 February. It also directed commuter operators to stop operating from the central business district.

The BCC, after consultations with informal traders, decided to open 5th Avenue and some sections of 2nd Avenue for vending, subject to the renovation of the places. This meant that the council temporarily closed the road to make way for the construction of vending bays.

In a statement yesterday, Town Clerk Christopher Dube gave an ultimatum to vendors to leave the road or risk being raided.

"All traders and vending activities along 5th Avenue are requested to vacate the road to allow the implementation of the Council resolution of the 7th February 2024 no later than Sunday, 18 February 2024. Failure to comply will lead to enforcement. This is to accommodate cleaning of the area, demarcation of bays, and construction of safe working spaces and allocation of vending bays in the usual manner."

He said that the council resolved to temporarily close a portion of 5th Avenue to accommodate 500 informal trading bays. He said that informal traders, through their representatives, have been informed of the council's resolutions to vacate the streets.

"Meetings have been held by the city and members of the Bulawayo Informal Sector Working Group for the implementation of the resolution. At the meetings held earlier this week, members and leaders of the various associations were requested to inform their members that a portion of 5th Avenue will be temporarily closed to accommodate vending bays. Roadshows and public announcements are also being carried out to engage the informal sector."

Mr Dube said all the informal traders are required to have a valid vendors licence before they start operating in the city centre. He said that registration is being done at Dugmore Vending Offices (former Dugmore Clinic) along Basch Street and 6th Avenue.

Mr Dube said informal traders should pay a central business district licence fees costing US$23 per year, monthly rentals $11, 50 per month. He said that it is alleged that vendors operating illegally are paying space barons US$1 per day.

The Town Clerk said those operating outside the city centre are expected to pay US$11, 50 annually while paying US$5, 75 monthly rentals.

He said that applicants are required to produce their Identity Documents, processed fingerprint forms (vetted by CID), proof of residence for a property in Bulawayo (in the form of a water or electricity bill), two passport size photos and requisite fees for the licence.

He said that for those trading in fruits and vegetables, they should produce pre-examination for contagious diseases and lessons on food handling with the City of Bulawayo Health Services Department (Khami Road Clinic).

Source - The Chronicle
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