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Man kills brother during fight over relish

by Staff reporter
20 Feb 2024 at 07:36hrs | Views
Gweru High Court judge, Justice Evangelista Kabasa, has sentenced Nkululeko Mabhena to three years in jail following his conviction for killing his brother during a dispute over food condiments. However, Mabhena received a wholly suspended sentence under certain conditions.

Initially charged with murder, Mabhena was convicted of a lesser offense after the court determined he acted in self-defense. Despite pleading not guilty, Mabhena admitted to causing his brother's death.

The altercation between the brothers occurred on July 30, 2020, over a disagreement regarding the choice of condiments for their meal. The argument escalated when Mabhena requested dried meat from his brother's room, which was not found. Subsequently, the deceased suggested okra as an alternative, but Mabhena refused and requested maize instead.

Mabhena claimed his brother became aggressive, slapped him, and threatened him with an axe handle. In response, Mabhena fatally stabbed his brother in the chest and later disposed of the body.

During the trial, Mabhena asserted he acted in self-defense but acknowledged causing his brother's death. Justice Kabasa found Mabhena guilty of culpable homicide, considering his remorse, regret, and pre-trial incarceration of 3 ½ years.

The judge emphasized the gravity of taking a life unnecessarily and acknowledged the psychological burden Mabhena would carry. Considering these factors, Kabasa imposed a three-year suspended sentence, provided Mabhena does not commit any assault or violence-related offenses within five years.

Source - newzimbabwe