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Time to re-energise the opposition

by Leonard Koni
21 Feb 2024 at 11:47hrs | Views
The future and quality of our opposition is in limbo and in dire straits. It needs to be fixed, improved as quickly as possible if it wants to be a force to reckon with. There are no short cuts to attain political power.

The opposition must strategically position itself as the next government in waiting, deflate the regime's political bubble and its hegemony. It must aim to cut its umbilical cord which has caused untold suffering to the masses. What is needed right now is a very strong opposition which must put a final nail to the already limping Zanu PF government.

Currently the opposition is in disarray, disjointed, divided, disintegrated and fragile. There is still room to unite and build a very strong movement. Politics is a game of numbers and it is unfortunate that if people leave a political party which is however voluntary, end up throwing tantrums to the former as soon as they leave after losing either through primary or secondary elections.

We had such people before who left the opposition after being beaten on primaries the likes of Lilian Timveous, James Maridadi who is now an ambassador to Senegal, Obert Gutu now with the peace commission and Blessing Chebundo just to mention a few. And in no time, they were already taking posts offered by ZANU PF and one starts to wonder what kind of opposition leaders we have in the country?

The problem is they are not patient or maybe they are compromised because if you are defeated in any kind of an election just lay back and you can always come back in the future. This is politics.

A political party is a family. In families where they do not respect the hierarchy that family disintegrates if they fail to talk to each other. Communication is vital in any organization.

Those who feel aggrieved must find a way to dialogue and iron out sticking issues.

Previously we have seen the likes of Jessie Majome who after got beaten hands down by Joana Mamombe, decided to quit politics and from there we started seeing the Zanu PF hand. Today she is now serving as one of the commissioners. So it was never for the people but for self aggrandizement.

A  good dancer knows when to leave the stage. A number of best opposition MPs wanted to be there for life hence the opposition never got stable because of greediness and selfishness.

Just a few days ago we had this Lovemore Chinoputsa who wrote a long winding resignation letter citing the reasons he left CCC accusing Nelson Chamisa of personalizing the party CCC, making himself a demi god, dictator, one centre of power and a man lying to people using bible verses.

Some opposition leaders are irredeemable. They are so greed and hungry for power at all costs and will ensure that they will grab a chance to sell out the struggle.

We have seasoned political leaders who for the love of money and power have ganged up with the ruling party to effect recalls and eventually awarded it with a majority rule in the house of assembly just because they lost during primary selection. Such kind politicians must be fished out of the people as they a danger to a progressive movement. Such a behaviour is a recipe for disaster and must be condemned with the strongest term it deserves.

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Source - Leonard Koni