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EXPOSED: America-Europe sets up propaganda fund against China and Zimbabwe over lithium

by George Tshuma
28 Feb 2024 at 15:01hrs | Views
 Presidential spokesperson George Charamba has shed light on what he alleges to be an intricate war propaganda scheme devised by American and European interests. According to Charamba, the objective behind this campaign is to safeguard their control over critical minerals, with Zimbabwe becoming an unwitting battleground.

Charamba's disclosure comes in response to Farai Maguwu, Executive Director of the Centre for Natural Resource Governance, who shared a viral photo from the Arcadia lithium Mine in Goromonzi. Maguwu urging Zimbabweans to look beyond the Chinese as the sole culprits in the mining industry and calls for scrutiny of the domestic political leadership's involvement.

In a tweet, Charamba accuses the West of orchestrating a campaign against rival claimants to American and European critical minerals. His words are explicit: "What I didn’t include in my weekend installment of Jamwanda2 on Saturday was this insidious campaign against rival claimants to American and European list of Critical Minerals! They have built a war propaganda chaste to defend this global prowl and to attack all those imperiling or challenging it."
The core of this alleged plot, revolves around the Europeans and Americans expressing dissatisfaction with Zimbabwe's "Look East" policy and its flourishing partnership with the Chinese government in the mining sector. This collaboration is defying sanctions and driving development within the nation, causing unease among Western powers.

He further emphasizes, "They have built a war propaganda chaste to defend this global prowl and to attack all those imperiling or challenging it."

Despite engaging with various countries, including the Americans and Europeans, the Zimbabwean government has consistently highlighted its special relationship with China and other Eastern European nations like Russia. These nations, Charamba notes, are considered Zimbabwe's "all-weather friends," providing crucial support in the face of international pressure.

This revelation raises questions about the geopolitical dynamics at play in Zimbabwe's mining industry. As the nation pursues partnerships with Eastern nations, it finds itself entangled in a larger global struggle for control over critical minerals. The allegations of a war propaganda chest and the involvement of influencers and media houses only add complexity to an already intricate situation.

It remains to be seen how this revelation will impact Zimbabwe's diplomatic ties and the ongoing development in its mining sector. As the nation navigates through these international intrigues, the call for transparency and a patriotic stance seems more critical than ever to safeguard Zimbabwe's interests and ensure sustainable development in the mining industry.

Source - Byo24News