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Knives out as battle looms between Benson Matinyarare and the milling industry

by Mandla Ndlovu
28 Feb 2024 at 16:22hrs | Views
In a recent development that has sent shockwaves through the milling industry in Zimbabwe, a looming battle between Rutendo Benson Matinyarare and major players such as Innscor and National Foods has been brewing. The controversy stemmed from bold claims made by Matinyarare, who alleged that these food giants were supplying poisonous products to the market.

According to Matinyarare, he had taken samples of the allegedly toxic food to France for testing and had the resources and strategy to take on Innscor and National Foods. These accusations have not only raised concerns about food safety but also sparked panic among consumers. The seriousness of these allegations prompted the milling industry to take action.

Sources from the milling industry disclosed that they were deeply troubled by Matinyarare's claims, which they saw as a threat to national food security. In response, they approached their chairman, Tafadzwa Musarara, urging the milling industry to collectively address the allegations raised by Matinyarare. The millers argued that since they source grain from the same suppliers as National Foods, any accusation of poisonous products from the company would imply that the entire industry could be tainted with the same brush. They denounced the allegations as malicious, dangerous, and frankly, ridiculous.

When reached for comment, GMAZ Chairman Tafadzwa Musarara promised to provide a statement but failed to follow through. His silence on the matter has only intensified the sense of unease surrounding these allegations.

As the brewing battle between Matinyarare and the milling industry continues to unfold, it is clear that the stakes are high. The reputation of major food players, the trust of consumers, and the overall food security of the nation all hang in the balance. It remains to be seen how this conflict will be resolved and what impact it will have on the Zimbabwean food industry as a whole.

Source - Byo24News