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FRANCESCO MARCONATI FILES: Unveiling the dark trail of violence and plunder at Queens Mine

by George Tshuma
07 Mar 2024 at 11:46hrs | Views
Francesco Marconati, a self-styled Italian Mafia boss, has become a notorious name associated with Queens Mine, where his malevolent actions have left an indelible mark on the lives of those who have crossed his path.

In September 2020, a chilling incident that was not widely reported unfolded at Goldmore Milling Centre, revealing the extent of Marconati's brutality. According to legal documents, the accused person, Marconati, residing at Queens Mine compound in Inyathi and employed at Queens Mine, faced a litany of charges.

Simphosami Mtinsi, a resident of Goldmore Milling Centre and an employee at the milling center, found himself entangled in a violent encounter with Marconati's son. The accused, Marconati, abruptly intervened, escalating a simple disagreement into a brutal assault. Legal documents narrate how Marconati forcefully grabbed Mtinsi, pushing him to the gate before subjecting him to a barrage of kicks, specifically targeting his private parts. The accused person's actions were deemed unlawful, marking the beginning of a sinister chapter.

The second count exposes Marconati's propensity for violence, extending beyond physical altercations. After the assault, Marconati reportedly embarked on a destructive spree. Driving his vehicle recklessly, he collided with an electric pole, only to escalate the situation further. Disembarking from his damaged vehicle, Marconati fired four shots into the air using a CZ pistol, leaving the community in fear.

Siphosami Mtinsi, the victim of Marconati's rage, acted swiftly by gathering spent cartridges from the scene and handing them over to the Zimbabwe Republic Police (Z.R.P) in Inyathi. Law enforcement recovered Marconati's CZ pistol, complete with serial number 128986, as an exhibit.

The legal documents obtained by this reporter serve as a chilling testament to the violent tendencies and utter disregard for the law displayed by Francesco Marconati. His actions not only endanger the lives of those around him but also expose the dark underbelly of criminality that has infiltrated Queens Mine and its surrounding areas.

Beyond the legal implications, the community of Inyathi finds itself held hostage by Marconati's presence. Local residents and workers at Queens Mine live in constant fear of reprisals, knowing that dissent may lead to violent consequences. The very fabric of the community is threatened by the unchecked power and audacious actions of this self-styled Italian Mafia boss.

Source - Byo24News